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    I was one of the lucky few who had registered for the Visa promotion before they pulled the link. I had the $100 value dollars discount appear on my shopping list, but when I ordered a Palm V, the $100 discount was not applied (but show used up in my account profile). I have sent many emails to VA to resolve this, but have not had any luck. Anyone else with a similar problem?
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    Had this problem briefly, but the 100 bucks applied itself when I put a check in the 'buy now' box. I might be wrong.

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    I had $150 saved up from various promotions, and it disappeared when they rebuilt their site a couple of weeks ago, but it came back a couple of days later. Able to get a IIIx for $137. WoooHooo!!!


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    Zen, I had that problem too where it disappeared after they rebuilt their site. When it appeared again, I thought it was safe to order. But the invoice shows $100 more than it should.
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    I applied before the change of the promotion and when I checked out sometime last week they only charged me 160 for the IIIx. I received it 2 days ago, so at least that part of the site is fine I'll just have to monitor the bill.
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    As mentioned by others I too had the problem with the value dollars disappearing after they updated the VA site a few days back. I made a quick call to the Cust Svc section @ 888-337-VALU(8258)and they said that was a last step in the DB relaod. I suspect your data could have been dropped. I'd call them and be firm about getting your credits back.

    I managed to get a credit on my Mastercard after threatening to cancel an order. Since then no problems. I've ordered 3 separate times from them including the IIIx for $142 and am satisfied. I still have $100 value dollars available between my wife and I.

    Good luck!
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    The frustrating thing is I actually called to cancel my order right after I noticed the improper charge (over a week ago). I was told that the promotion is over and that they were taking the value dollars away from everyone's account. I found that unbelievable (and illegal?) Anyway, I cancelled my order so I would have time to sort this out. Next thing I know, they have started shipping and I'm still getting charged $100 more than I should.
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    Two options: Refuse shipment

    Elevate it to management and be very persistant.

    It seemed to work for me anyway. Good luck again.
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    Frodo, Thanks for your suggestions. I've been trying to escalate, without much success. Do you have a name and phone number or email of someone in management who was able to help you? If you do, email me directly please at

    Thanks again.
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    It was back on Oct 12 or 13 and I didn't keep track of the person's name with which I spoke.

    Sorry I coudn't be of much more help.

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