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    The whole Visor order has been a lesson in patience for me, but after calling Customer Service yet again and being told to give it till Nov 15, (Ordered in Sept), I have made this a personal deadline before I just order a Palm Vx.

    My question is this. I currently do not have a Cellular Phone and was excited that the Visor might meet this need. Is there any possibility that there is an addon to the Vx that allows this?

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    Sorry to disappoint you, but the Palm VX doesn't have any expansion capabilities. (Other than a serial connection at the bottom of the unit.)

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    What you want to do is to take a look at what Palm Computing offers:

    That's probably what you're looking for. Click on GSM Upgrade Kits. There you will see what you need. You will need the modem and the kit.

    Hope that helped.
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    Better yet, why not just purchase an Ericsson SH888 or Siemens S25 mobile - these guys have both a built in modem (!) and IR capability. So all you need to do is correctly set a few preferences on your Palm (III, V, Vx...) and then point it at the mobile and you're on-line.

    (I guess other phones with built-in modems and IR-transceivers would also work - NB: the Nokia 6110 does *not* have a built in modem, only IR-capability).

    Have a look at:

    (There is more info out there, some describing how to get it working on the Palm V... just do an Altavista search.)

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    Well the nokia 6190 does have a modem however no IR ....hmmmm? With the 6190 you can get a serial cable adapter the adapts the phones connector to a serial port. So with an external serial cable for the palm or Vx and a genderchanger you are all kinds of good.

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