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    Now that i've cancelled my Visor order, I'm looking into the Vx. However, I think I read somewhere that the lithium ion battery is irreplaceable, meaning that once it dies after a couple? years, there is nothing you can do but replace the entire unit.

    Anyone got any insight about this?

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    As Ed McMahon used to say, "You are correct sir!"

    The battery is irreplaceable, unless you crack the unit open and find yourself a new battery on your own.

    However, as long as the unit is within the warranty period (ie one year), you can return it to Palm for a replacement/repair unit. IOW, if you do happen to have any problem, then you can get it replaced (overnight replacement is a non-cost service through Palm). You won't get a brand-spanking-new unit from Palm, but you will get a fresh unit. And my guess is that if you have a problem within a year and then the same problem occurs with another warranty-replaced unit soon thereafter, they'll work with you vis-a-vis replacement/repair.
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    Well, thanks for the tip...but I went ahead and placed an order for the IIIx being that this will be my first PDA. I thought about it and figured that i don't need to be spending $400 on one right now and I'll go for the highly touted IIIx for $208 (
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    Good Choice A Train ! If you want the
    memory upgrade, I found TRG's Xtra Xtra for
    $73.00 on! Upgrade to 3.3 when you get it ! Get the memory upgrade IF you need
    it and VIOLA have a "poor mans" Vx for $281.00 vs. $449 (Vx list) ! Not bad ...

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