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    I recently purchased a Palm Vx and am seriously considering returning the unit due to what I feel is a defective backlight. The illumination is literally 1/3 the power of my old Palm V. Is this normal for Vx's? Did Palm "de-power" the backlight on the Vx because the power draw from the 20Mhz processor and additional memory were reducing battery life to unacceptable levels?

    I have heard that not all backlights are made to the same specifications, but this is ridiculous. If they are serious about taking my hard earned 450 bones, then they had better deliver the goods. If anyone else out there has experienced similar problems, or knows the answer, your response would be greatly appreciated.


    Adam Craniotes
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    Good question. I'd suggest hitting J&R (if you're in NYC, which I recall you are) and checking a few units against one another. Bring a black towel or a hood to be able to compare 'em.

    I'd be interested in getting a definitive answer to this question too, but I last used a III and a Visor temporarily, so I dunno either way. I drove (via car) somewhere tonight and had no problem reading a memopad entry with driving directions (although the directions were wrong and I had to use my between-the-ears hardware to find my way ;-).

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