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    First of all, is there a difference between the 2? I didn't think so.

    And this is a gift for my girlfriend because she's hogging my visor too much.. She's not going to put a bunch of stuff on it. SHe'll probably use it for the normal calendar,todo, and address book. She likes games too and those probably wouldnt' take up much space.

    Is the screen decent on it? I've heard complaints.. and should I spend an extra 40 bucks for the IIIx (Like I said, space probably isn't a factor)... if the screen is THAT much a difference it might be worth it.

    And does anyone think hte prices will drop anymore by the end of the year? I'm going to use the $100 bucks at value america so 40 bucks will be a decent increase in price Thanks for the help.
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    It sounds to me like the IIIe would be a fine choice for your girlfriend. Interestingly, you can now buy a clear (ice) version of it as well. As far as the screen quality is concerned, there is no difference between the screens of the IIIx and IIIe. The III, on the other hand IS different, and she will definitely notice the difference. Go for a translucent IIIe and your relationship will prosper for many years to come.
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    I don't know if she'd like the ice/translucent colour of the Palm.. she was really into getting a black visor, but I told her that I'm not giving her a 250$ toy she will probably lose (Old joke.. she lost her previous organizer.. hell, it's probably in the house for all I know).

    Does value america have the IIIe? I have my 100 credit sitting in there (did it before they 'expired' it) and I wouldn't mind using it there.. otherwise she might have to get the III
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    Sadly, VA doesn't have the IIIe.

    I was doing a little price searching and on non-VA the prices I have found were $179 for the IIIe at Palm (of all places) and $209 for the IIIX at

    They both should have the same screen and processor. With the IIIx having more RAM (4 megs vs. 2), Flash memory, and the internal connector solt that is still looking for things to connect into it.

    With your VA -$100 the IIIx should be really in the IIIe range with all the added extras above. Additionally, with OS 3.5 looming the Flash upgradeability of it might prove very handy.

    So go for the IIIx, and she will love you all the more


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    I tend to agree - if you're shopping for that sub-$200 organizer packed with features, and you've got that $100 credit just sitting there at ValueAmerica and begging to be used, go for the IIIx. It's what I'll be using as a stand-in for my V while I'm having the V upgraded to 8MB, and for the dollar value you can't go wrong - 4MB ram plus 2MB flash. Incredible.
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    Palm IIIx is the choice. I just bought one from this week ! I like it.. plus
    I am planning a Minstrel III modem to go with it and go wireless !

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