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    Follow up: I just sent an Email to Value America and asked if they are going to be carrying the Palm Vx. Right now, the Vx list for only $50 more than the V, so if I can get a Vx for about $280.00, I'm going to buy one. AFter reading this board for over a month and learning all I could about the Visor, the only difference between a Vx and Visor Deluxe is a faster hotsync and the springboard with the VD. Is there something else I missed?

    With the Palm Vx, I get Flash upgradeability, a super-sleek design, OS 3.3 and everything else the Visor has. Really, I now need some help deciding what to get.
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    No, Solo, I think you've pretty much summed up the differences. Although, there is the opportunity for a nice orange creamsicle color on the VD.

    Seriously, let us know what you find out from ValueAmerica, I'd be sorely tempted to upgrade if I could buy a Vx at that price. All we need is for ValueAmerica to start selling the Vx before Jan 31st.

    I really don't need the Springboard for what I do, though the flexibility is always nice. Then of course, there's always the forthcoming TRGPro. Oh what to do, what to do!

    BTW, about your tag, is that as in "Han Solo" (because you're a Star Wars fan) or as in you prefer to fly Solo (I noted you're military)? Just curious where some folks come up with their tags.

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    I was looking on the Value America website, and found no mention of the Palm VX? The Palm V was $329.00, not $229.00. The Palm IIIX was $249.95. Not that exciting of a deal.

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    Yeah, but if you sign up with a Visa card through the link that was posted in another thread, you get a $100 discount on any purchase of $200 or more. That makes the Palm V $229... a great deal if you ask me.
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    Jackal: I call myself Solo (and have for years) because of my situation. You see, I am divorced and now pretty much fly solo in all my pursuits. Yeah I have a gf every now and then, but I pretty much keep to myself and do my thing. I have buddies and all that, but only a few true friends. I don't want to get burned again (know what I mean?).
    Also, the movie Solo (yeah it is kinda funny, but the book is great) is close to who and what I am/was (Naval Special Warfare).

    I think Value America IS going to be selling the Vx, but am not sure as to the price. Their price in the V is FREAKING AWESOME, but I don't know if they can match the same deal on the Vx. Right now, we can probably buy the Vx at $399 (with the Visa rebate), but I'd say it's safe to say VA will come out with a better price.

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    I hate tough choices. I think I'll get the V now, and we'll upgrade to Handspring models next year after they get another product or two out there. I'd like to wait on the Vx, but since I can't be sure they'll offer as good a deal, and one of the strong points is not having to wait too long, I'm going for the V.
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    Don't forget the date book, calculator and world time software enhancements. If any are important to you, factor in the cost of the additional software needed by the Palm Vx. And, Palm Vx still syncs via serial port. If you want to go USB (even at serial port speeds), add another $40. Also, like Jackal, I haven't heard about a Springboard which I need in my palm usage. But, you never know what someone will come up with. Maybe it's better to have a Visor when the must have Springboard gets released then to have to sell your Palm Vx and buy a Visor.
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    Date book, calculatro and world time Apps are out there for FREE (thanks to those here, I found them on the net).

    The hot synching is no big deal to me.

    The lithium ion batteries are, though. I bought NiMH already, but can send them back (along with the charger). That saves me more money.

    Anyone else. I am seriously leaning toward the V, but will wait for an answer on the Vx.
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    Please post that answer here. My take on this whole thing is that I'll wait for Handspring to get it together. No sense in losing my hair (what little is left) over shipping dates and such. I'm going on vacation in November, and I thought I'd have my Visor by then. Now it's uncertain. I know I'd have my V, though... and not have to worry about batteries to boot - buy the travel kit and me and my fiance can both charge from that. *shrug* I'll probably buy a Hanspring model next year - which is why I'm still leaning towards the V rather than the Vx. Gotta go home and get the credit card first, though. Darnit.
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    Okay, thanks to Genreic99, now I can get a Palm V for $209!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone think of any reason not to go with this? Sheesh, I could sell the damn thing in six months for more than that.
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    If you are willing to forego any SpringBoards, being limited to 2 meg of Ram would be a limiting factor to me. There also could be problems with the lithium ion batteries over the long haul. (The company that I work for has tons of laptops and they seem to constantly have trouble with battery packs failing.) I would also be concerned that those batteries can't be replaced.

    Those are my $.02 ...

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    Outstanding! Thank you for the info on Value America, Generic and others!!! Folks have been discussing the V, but think of the IIIx - with the $120 discount, you can get this for $129! P5 is nice, but I don't need sexiness at the cost of losing 2MB and $100. Wow! All the time I spend reading VisorCentral just paid off!

    On the Vx issue, some other posters have said that the IIIe, IIIe Special Edition and Vx are "limited releases," and only brick and mortar stores will be getting those. My experience looking for the IIIe and IIIeSE on the internet suggests that is true, and so I suspect the Vx will not show up at Value America or any other on-line retailer at any time in the near future, if ever. Too bad.
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    One last thing, going through gets you 3% more off. A palm V for $203...not bad at all.
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    Solo - you don't seem to be able to collect both the $100 and $20 'value dollars' (ie. they now seem both limited to new members only). Any ideas on how to roll two memberships into one?

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    I just checked the website and now the $100 off on the VISA promotion is limited to purchases over $200. That restricts the IIIx purchase. Does anyone remember the exact wording before regarding the $200?
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    That does not restrict the purchase of the IIIx. Before the rebate, the IIIx is over $240 - well over the $200 requirement. You'll get your discount by purchasing *only* the IIIx - as I did. Hope this helps
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    For a poor lost newcomer (but I did read everything above) :

    What exactly is this valueamerica deal & how does one get it?

    I looked at their web page and didn't see any mention of this deal. Is it a one shot thing (sign up & use once)?
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    Bumagovitch - sorry, I think you may have just missed the boat. The $100 offer from Value America has (not so) mysteriously disapeared. It seems they must have gotten annoyed at financing everyone's discount Palm V's over the past few weeks!

    Oh well - easy come, easy go.

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