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    Ok, for those of you who may still be torn over the Visor/Palm decision ... using the following link for a visa promotion you can pick up a Palm IIIx at Value America for $162. Seemed like a pretty good deal, I ordered one.

    Try this
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    This link is dead, but that is a pretty good price for the PIII...I might be tempted myself. Can you post the link again, or show us a different one? I even tried just and no luck.


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    Can't seem to get any action from the above link? Tried, and nothing there either? Do you have any other info on this promotion. Any "catches"?

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    I followed the link earlier, and it worked. I was quite tempted, I must say. They also had Plam V's for $245. But, I want a Visor, not a Palm. I've had to remind myself of that MANY times while waiting for news from Handspring. The wait continues...

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    Wow, nice price!

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    I bought one too! If I had received even one lousy email from Handspring I might have stood firm. However with California sales tax and shipping the Visor Deluxe is $276. The Palm IIIx with shipping and handling is $162. I saved $114 and I get flash memory to upgrade my OS to 3.3.

    Seems like the only downside is that I don't get the extra 4 megs of ram.

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    No. You're now going to miss out on Springboard technology. You didn't need OS 3.3 for the most part anyway. You got a "better than a III but not as good as a Visor or Palm V" screen. You were impatient and settled. You took the easy road. I can understand the price thing though... Hard to beat. In this case, you'll get what you paid for: less.
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    visormiser, is that bumper case in the box or is it a coupon of some sort...?
    Also I on the other hand think it was the right idea. I too wanted a visor, but am willing to wait to see if the whole springboard thing pans out. Anyone remember "click" technology from iomega. It was supposed to be on of the next big things but died a silent death as the whole springboard thing may do as well.
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    If you have a Visa Card, you can get a 2MB Palm V for $229!!!!!!!!!!! This is something I am very interested in buying...I wonder if they will get the Vx?

    Anyone? Comments????

    You have to admit, these are great prices.
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    I've got a Palm V currently, which I'll be handing to my fiance when I buy whatever it is I'll buy. Now that I've seen this site, I'm considering holding off on a Visor and going for another Palm V. That's a fantastic price, and the $100 discount ain't exactly peanuts.
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    Update get an additional 20 off by going to this link first...

    then go to the link above .. wish I had known about this could have got it for $142... oh well
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    I don't think you can take advantage of both of those offers, however. They're both for new signups, and once you've used one it's hard to use another
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    I just went to the site and cannot find any Palms under $240. Where is the Palm IIIx for under $200? I went to the Handheld/PDA section and the Hot Buys section. Thanks in advance.
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    I can't find anything about a Palm IIIX for $162.00? Could someone post a link verifying any of this info please?

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    You must remember that you have to sign up with ValueAmerica using a Visa card. They then issue you 100 "ValueDollars" that can be used to any purchase of $200 or more. The Palms are above $200, therefore when you see the member price, knock off $100 and add ~$13 for shipping and handling, and there's your price.
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    Bye the Bye ! The $100 off can be used for anything on ValueAmerica. I am still getting my Visor and using $100 to get a free PlayStation for my grandson.

    Dave B (Grandpa Geek)"If it ain't broke, don't fix it yet!

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    While it is true you must be using VA for the first time to get the discount. You can easily combine the two offers ... I just put together an account to test it and then checked my valuedollars .. bingo 120 bucks.
    If you have never used VA before or if you set up an account for someone else in your household, you can get 120..... (Note the someone else bit is legit as it is limit one per customer, not household)
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    What two offers? How did you get $120? I'd like to learn more. Thanks.
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    Solo ...

    1st log in as new member using this link

    then go here and sign in as a returning member

    now you have $120 credit
    Note on the second page look for the link to sign in as a member in the middle of the page

    That will do it
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    Just to confirm: the two member incentives can in fact be combined. Sign up first through the "birthday" link (the $20 link mentioned second in this thread); then proceed to the Visa $100 link listed first in this thread. Don't try to join twice; use the "if you're already a member, sign in here" box to sign up for the Visa incentive. When all's said and done, you'll have a $120 "value dollar" balance.

    Please note that the $20 incentive expires before the $100 Visa incentive (check the terms and conditions).

    Also, please note that the member price for the IIIx is $249, not $262. So if you sign up for both incentives, you'll get $120 off the member price: $129 plus shiping. The Palm V would come down to $209.

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