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    X: Nah, I don't think anyone on this thread is patronizing me, just some who are reading it. Joe made two post just to get his point across. Whatever.

    I am always looking for ways to make quick cash. Is why I haven't cashed a check in years. Later.

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    tstraub - where are you located? I also ordered a Palm IIIx, and was wondering if I might get mine very soon as well. I ordered it on Wednesday, so I don't know if you are the same area as me (Athens, Ga, E of Atlanta), but if you could give me info maybe when to expect mine, I would reaqlly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    I'm curious as to whether any of those who have recieved their Palms from VA had ordered Palm V's, or if it's just IIIx models being shipped so quickly. I keep hearing people walk past my office, and I keep expecting one of those people to be a UPS guy with my order.

    Solo: Why the remarkably negative post in regards to people who aren't doing as you're doing? Different strokes for different folks... if we all followed your eBay lead, we'd still be lemmings. So what if people have different views - that's what makes the world interesting and worth living in. I'm not used to seeing that type of anger in you, and I hope not to experience it often. Let's get back to having a good time here.
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    Add one more V order to the list. Instead of getting my girlfriend flowers for Sweetest Day, I did this instead - how romantic!

    Handspring, this could have been a Solo.
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    Be careful about ordering V's from VA... my fiance just talked to them, and the reason the IIIx people are getting theirs and I haven't, is that the V is on backorder. They do not have an estimated time for it to be in. *sigh* I'm back to the waiting game, apparently. This is irony in spades.
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    forget stinkin hangspring. i ordered mine on 9/14, and got sick of waiting, expecially for a IIIx for $142. you cant beat that deal. i was on the phone waiting for about an hour and 15 minutes before a csr picked up. i told him i wanted to cancel my order, and he said that was cool. they found my order just fine in the stacks of orders, and then he asked me if it were ok if he asked me why i cancelled my order. apparently, a ton of people have been cancelling. thatll get their attention. i am selling my used palm III for $140, so i am only losing 2 bucks in the transaction. you cant beat that deal.
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    Many thanks to whoever started this thread.
    I almost bought a IIIx from for $ 218

    I too was an early orderer / canceller of the Visor Pro.

    After rethinking things I figured the price ot 249 + 20 for a serial cradle + shipping .....

    A Palm IIIx for 142... Who could resist. Ordered mine at lunch.

    And to think my first PDA was going to be a $149 DaVinci Pro....

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    Just got my Palm IIIx. For people who already own there supposed to be a little bit of give in the screen (when pressed by stylus)?
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    I just got my Palm IIIx yesterday from VA. Man, are they fast! I ordered it Tuesday night at 10:30 PM and the UPS man knocked on my door at 4:14PM Thursday. I am so much happier that I did not wait for the Visor. The Visor may be cool and all, but I am happy I did what I did.

    However, I have one question. For all you people who have or just got you Palm IIIx, do you hear a slight humming when the backlight is on??? Is that normal???

    Thanks in advance for you input.
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    Thanks for this awesome thread. I got my V from VA for $222 out the door. Thanks generic99 and other posters.
    I think Visor wont pan out.
    Palm is awesome for its ease of down loading applications, click and youre there. Springboard,however, requires you to physically go get the card. It'd be a hassle to order, to wait for it, and to return if you changed your mind.
    Plus, no freeware??
    Also, when Palm V first came out, there were initial glitches.. Visor will have it too. But palm V's been fixed while Visor's yet to be revealed.
    As for 8mb and waiting for Vx, I was finally convinced to Not get it when I read the posting on what to do with 8mb . It seemed only good for bible thumpers who want to carry the good book on their palms.
    Again Thanks!
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    What the heck are you talking about? A Visor user will be able to download the very same Palm programs and run them just fine. While some apps may be published on Springboard medium, the majority are going to be published just like they are today. A Visor user won't be locked out of anything, while you won't be able to take advantage of any of the Apps that do require a springboard.

    Why did you feel the need to insult the people who want to include the Bible on their PDAs? That really wasn't necessary.


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    Well, after relegating myself to the two week wait for my Visor, I came back to see what kind of Off Topic things were afoot. Having never visited here firsthand, I had only heard of $142 Palm IIIx rumors. Today I cancelled my Visor order and will be receiving my Palm IIIx by Tuesday. I had spoken with a CSR on Friday who said my Visor, ordered on 9/23 had shipped. Today I called to check, and was told that it would not ship for one to two weeks plus the 3-6 days in transit. I am just a meager student with little fundage. You guys saved me over 100 dollars and 3 weeks of wait. Thanks much! Hope your Visors work out well, those who have stuck it out. For those who haven't, VA can save you a nice wad of cash. If you ordered after the 17th, I'd really reconsider.
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    erased. double post

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    Eric Meyer,
    I apologize for my remarks about the bible carriers.
    Moving on, I do not know how long you've had your PDA. I've had my pIII for 7 months and find it a TRUE organizer and carry it with me as needed.
    With that said, I feel the palm 3 is way too big really to carry around. Yes, it fits in my pocket but rather uncomfortably & quite noticebly.
    That's the reason I've got a palmV. Visor's even bigger & heavier than the palm3 (yes, see specs)and a few weeks after your excitement of buying visor comes down, you will also realize its too big to carry around. Then I GOT YOU.
    You will wish that visor was the size of palm V. or even wish you had bought the palm V instead. Seriously though, think how useful it is to have your PDA with you when out of home. Then think how IMPORTANT the size factor comes in.
    A visor w/ a springboard attached will be a heavy rock in your pants. Believe me, I know.
    A palm V is less than half the size of a visor.
    If, of course, you plan to use your PDA as like a minuturized computer with all these applications & add-ons, go for Visor w/ springboards.
    If,however, you want your to use PDA as it was conceived to be, as an organizer, then you want it small & UNCLUTTERed like a palmV.

    Eric, let me here from you a few weeks after you've gotten your Visor. You can tell me whether you like it's size or you can ask me where you can get a palm V for $222 like I did.
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    I have had my Palm for about 4 years now and have no problem at all keeping it in my shirt pocket. I am almost never without it, it is my organizer and my alarm clock. (I have also read at least a dozen ebooks on it.)


    There were a number of factual errors in your message ...

    Visor: 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7" 5.4oz
    Palm IIIx: 4.7" x 3.2" x 0.7" 6oz
    Palm V: 4.7 x 3.2 x 0.4" 4oz

    (These figures were taken from the Handspring and Palm websites.)


    So the Visor smaller and lighter than a Palm IIIx. It is thicker and heavier than a Palm V.

    All three units are in the same cost neighborhood and I picked what I feel is the superior unit. The Visor Deluxe has more memory, is faster and is expandable.

    If size were the top issue with me, I would buy the Palm Vx not the Palm V. It isn't the top issue, so I went with Visor ... it's a better PDA in my opinion.

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    Well then, Eric, I truly truly hope you get your Visor.
    That would be the worst thing I can think of to wish on you.
    I cant believe you read books off your Palm. The SCreen is soooooo bad!!! Why would anyone want to do that?
    You either have superhuman vision or you are out of your head.
    You must be one of those lonely geeks that spends more time with their palms that with their friends!!
    Again, I wish you get your Visor.
    Dont bother responding as I'm out of this site. I came and got what I needed. I'm moving on to more important things in my life.
    Man, Eric, I read your other postings, You'd think it was Jesus Christ coming and not Visor. Oh well, whatever turns you on.
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    It's obvious Thankful doesn't know what he's talking about. He comes, spews false information, condescendingly insults people, and leaves. Good riddance.
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    I agree! Good riddance! We don't need that type if immature behavior in here.
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    What an ***** ... no other comment is necessary.

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    As of 10/29/99 mid-day ValueAmerica had disabled both rebates mentioned in posts above - even though the $100 Visa promotion was to last until Jan 2000 and the $20 promotion was to last until 10/31/99!

    Did they hire someone from Handspring?
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