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    Received mine today! 25 hours later. I didn't expect to see it for at least a week. I guess the whole Handspring experience made me a little (barely) more patient.
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    Visormiser: How was it shipped?
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    UPS Ground. Within California.
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    Excellent, I'm glad you were treated so well. Are you happy with it?
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    Visormiser - you've gotten your ValueAmerica order already?? That's impossible. Must be talking about your Visor, right?
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    My checkcard was charged for the IIIx last night about 12 hours after I ordered it. I assume it's in transit now. ValueAmerica seems to know how to get it done. Visormiser, what did you order, the IIIx or V? How is it?

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    My credit card has been charged, but the account information page on their site shows "In Progress", not "Order Shipped" - I'll be interested to see if I get my order soon. For the record, I ordered a Palm V around 1:30pm on the 12th.
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    I ordered the Palm IIIx @ 9:30 yesterday morning. It arrived @ 10:30 today. I was blown away. I felt guilty that it went so fast and that I got it that cheap.

    I still wish I was getting the Visor but I fiqure that there will either be price drops or second generation units in the next few months. I'll let everybody else in this forum beta test it for me.
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    Thanks for the info guys... Just picked up a V for my wife for 222. to my door! I personaly can't wait to get the Visor for the springboard....(but she is more cocerned about form)
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    I ordered my IIIx on the 12th. I just checked my status and it read 'shipped'. I checked the shipping status throught the link to UPS and it said it was scheduled to be here on the 14th! 1 day between order and delivery???? Taking notes, Handspring?

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    I ordered my IIIx yesterday at 2:45, and found it waiting at my door at 5:00 this afternoon. Amazingly fast for UPS ground shipping (makes the $13 S&H charge seem cheap). In fact, my order status at Value still shows "payment received"...not "order shipped." I guess these guys move too fast for the tracking system to keep up.

    I really don't mean to pick on Handspring, but it's nice to have a reminder of how a modern ordering system is supposed to work: instant confirmation number, speedy delivery, no problems (to say nothing of the great price.)
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    oh god; thanks for the tip... i diddn't use it for a palm but rather a 27gb harddrive for 120$ I told my dad about it and he might give a palm a try :-)

    Tom Alphin III - -

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    dstrauss - thanks for the info. Does the PS look like it could be easily replaced with another unit (ie. buying a 240V one here from a Radio Shack equivalent), or does it have some sort of proprietry voltage/current/plug?

    I ask 'cause I suspect it will still be cheaper to buy a US unit and then worry about the PS on this side of the world.

    Thanks - will stop this off-topic stuff soon...
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    Well, i decided to cancel my order for the Visor Standard and the additional Styli. Instead of spending about $200 for a Visor standard i got a Palm IIIx for about $140. What a deal! Who knows, maybe i'll get it tomorrow.
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    Hi again! Well, I ordered a Palm V, but already have it on the auction block at eBay. If I cannot get the Vx w/in two weeks for under $300, I will take whatever extra I get from the V sale and then just go to ecost and buy it from them.

    I've been reading the various threads regarding HS and I am just stunned at what people are willing to put up with.

    Confirmations are all screwed up; the company is backing out on what was said or what information was put out.

    In the meantime, Visor "owners" have been cancelling their PDAs and opting for another route (hence, this thread).

    I'd suggest everyone here sell what they bought from VA on eBay and make some quick cash!!! Hell, do it a couple of times and then get whatever for FREE.

    I bought a computer today for get this, -$220. Yep, I will get paid to use it (actually it is for my son, but........)

    I'll use the negative balance to buy a 15" monitor and Intel PC camera (still have extra money left over!)

    Value America is where it's at for these deals right now.

    I've got my whole family, all my friends signing up for this deal. I don't know how VA can keep this up, but I'll buy from them so long as these deals still keep happening.

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    I checked my account status on a IIIx a few minutes ago at VA and it showed shipped. Checked UPS and it will be delivered tomorrow. I ordered 10 am the 12th.

    Earlier in the day I called a CSR at VA and he said they ship from any of 9 warehouses depending on product and area of the country you're ordering from. BTW a few guys at the office have already gotten multiple accounts started all with $120 in them. Three from my shop ordered IIIx's at a drop.

    He who waits ....
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    Solo, i don't think that anyone here is patronizing you. People are just offering their opinions. In fact, I think that if you want to make a profit off of ValueAmerica, so be it.

    But think about it this way. Isn't there a more productive way to make $50-75 than selling on ebay. I mean, its one thing to buy low/sell high with large amounts of money (i.e. in the stock market), but it seems like a waste of time just for $50-75.

    Its one thing to create an account for ValueAmerica; however, its quite different when a person creates multiple accounts. You know what I mean? I think its called fraud...let me spell it out for you. F-R-A-U-D. Get the point?
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    Do you know what is pathetic?

    A guy that gets his handle because his wife divorced him and broke his heart- now he's Solo. Boohoo. Then he has to "make a woman think [he's] her cyber lesbian lover" in order to get his kicks because he's too pathetic to actually go out and meet some women. Oh, and then on top of that he doesn't make enough $$, so he has to start selling Palm V's after market, one by one. Quote - "If I have to buy a V, sell it for a profit and then order the Vx through ecost, I will." Who's the smart one, the guy who makes enough money to pay for his own PDA and helps other people get good deals, or the one who needs to take other people's money in order to scrounge up enough to buy one. If you had any sense of investment/profits you would be making many times the $50 you want by the booming(other than the last two weeks) stock market we've been having.

    You tell us we're lemmings, and that you're the big bad SOLO who does things for himself and doesn't follow the crowd etc. I think you're an insult to our intelligence.

    As for cluttering these boards with flames, etc. - this will be the only one. Solo, you can respond with whatever you want, but I hope other people do not continue this discussion. I am finished with it.

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    I order a IIx yesterday (Tuesday) from Valu
    e-America and canceled my visor pro order. The amazing thing is, IT SHOWED UP ON MY DOORSTEP THIS MORNING!!!. They told me at least 5 to 8 business days, I was pleasently suprised in deed. Thanks for the info about the rebate.

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