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    I signed up too quickly. Signed up through the $100 one first, and now I can't do the birthday link.
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    So, is there any CATCH to this offer?

    I would imagine there's at least a mailing list, like the daily spam I've got from X10 since I got the free firecracker deal.
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    Generic: Dude, thanks. I went back in using a variation of my name (Ray vice Raymond) and a different Tag.

    James: Do the same.

    Now, I may go ahead and buy a couple of Palm Vees, put the mothers on Ebay and make out...waddya say?
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    I am now really, really thinking about this ... buy the V now and then the Visor mabye next year. Who knows ... the Visor's price might go down, and then maybe the springboard I need will be available.

    ... if only Handspring will just say something, ANYTHING!!!.

    Note: It seems they are now the more expensive option.

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    I could not wait. Bought the Palm V for $222 what a great deal!
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    I'm through waiting for the Visor. Maybe early next year I'll get one and give my new Palm IIIx to my girlfriend. We'll have to see. It's too bad, too. If only Handspring would have spoken, I'd have waited. Palm IIIx for 145 dollars? Compare that at 350 dollars - can't beat it.

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    For those interested, you can find the free bumper case mail-in form at Office Depot. You have to buy a V or a IIIx by 10/15 and postmark it by 10/31. The form doesn't seem exclusive to Office Depot.

    With a delivered price of $142 and the free case, how can you beat this deal? It's practically half the price of the Visor Deluxe (with CA sales tax).

    By the way, my anxiety level is now reduced...after waiting 30 days for some sort of confirmation from Handspring. I don't feel compelled to check this board, then Handspring's site, and then my email every 15 minutes to find out if there is some news.

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    Dudes (and Ladies)!!!!!!!!!!

    Get this. Go to and sign up (it's free, too).

    Do a search for "Value America" and then enter Value America through Bizrate. Then you can enter Value America with the cookie you already had set up (becuase you signed up with VA first!) and their will be AN ADDITIONAL 3% rebate from Bizrate.

    What this means is I can get a Palm V for $202.73 (plus s/h).

    I ask the ANY reason not to get this?
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    The bizrate thing will only send you a check once you have hit $15 worth of rebates. The transaction for the PV or PIIIx alone won't get you there.

    So you might just save yourself the trouble and order straight through VA.

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    I went ahead and set up an account for my fiance (using birthday, then visa links) and placed my order from there. All I had to do was change the shipping and billing addresses to accurately reflect what it's supposed to, and boom - I've got a shiny new Palm V ordered. We'll see how long it takes to get it.
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    I just wanted to say 'thanks' to the kind folks who posted the Value America information. I ordered my IIIx, and everything worked just fine. My total, with S&H, was $142. (BTW, you don't have to use a Visa to take advantage of the Visa promotion...other cards work too.)

    Like everybody else who has registered here, I joined VisorCentral because I was excited about the new Visor. I certainly didn't join in hopes of getting clued in to worthwhile Palm promotions. But Handspring just hasn't done enough to sustain my confidence in the company or the product. Like other posters, I probably would have gone with the Visor if Handspring had simply managed to address my concerns. But when all's said and done, I just couldn't get past their lack of responsiveness and their amateurish product launch. I can gladly sacrifice the springboard and 4 MB of RAM in return for a proven company, a proven design, flash upgradeability, a $100 savings...and a real, live order confirmation number. Maybe my next PDA will be a Handspring product.

    One other thing. Technically, this thread may be "Off Topic." But there's a lot more useful information here (particularly for people trying to make a purchase decision) than over at "General Visor" (sounds like a minion of Ming the Merciless!), where people are practically disemboweling birds and reading tea leaves to unriddle the hints and promises of minimum-wage CSRs.

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    Does anyone know when the Palm Vx will be available through a place like value america? If I could get one for the price comparable tot he Visor Deluxe (I had seen apost of somethine along those lines) I might go for it. The main thing I want is memory, so I want the 8 megs. I have an order for the VD, but I might cancel in favor of an equal cost Vx. Is this only available through 3com right now? When will it become avalable through e-commerce? I will take which ever one comes first, the Vx and the Visor are about the same to me. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Just got off the phone with VA and they had no idea. I also spoke with 3com to see if they knew when VA might get some. 3com told me that they just got a shipment in for themselves recently and that they do not have an abundance of Palm Vxs to go around. She continued to say that only when 3com orders have been addressed, then will VA get some. 3com did say that in 2-4 weeks, however, they could be making the Vx available to companies like VA.

    However, I did some math work and found that when they are available on VA, they will probably sell for around $400. I based that on:

    3com sells IIIx for $299 -- VA for 249 ($50 less)
    3com sells the V for $399 -- VA for $329 ($60 less)

    So I assume that since the Vx sells for $449 on 3com's site, VA will sell it for $50-$60 less.

    If anyone finds out anything other than that, please post it on this thread.


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    Street is usually about 15% less than MSRP. (The prices above are closer to 17% less.) So it's probably safe to assume the Vx could go for around $380. The $20 credit expires in two weeks, but the $100 is good until 1/31/2000, so I guess we can wait.

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    alright two questions...firstly, where is this office depot 'free bumper case' coupon? do i need to get it at a local store, or is it online? i can't seem to find it online, but who knows.

    secondly, we have at most two weeks to expend the $120 credit at VA...after that it will decrease to $100...right? so, do you anticipate VA receiving any Vx? i think i'll just go with a jornada...<snicker> j/k
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    Well I did it! I cancelled the VD and ordered the IIIx from VA. I got the $142 deal.

    Here is a funny, yet typical, Visor story. I wanted to cancel my VD, so I called Visor Customer Service at 7:35pm. I waited and waited, all the while listening to the recordings of how busy they are and to please wait for the next rep. At 8:00pm precisely, the recording changed to "Sorry, we are now closed! We are open from 8am to 8pm". Man, was I pissed.

    Question: In regards to the $120 savings from VA, can you do this multiple times? Can you set up more than 1 account using slightly different information so that you can do the $120 savings more than once?

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    i, too, tried to cancel my vd order. after an hour on hold, i gave up. will call visa and requet to deny all handspring charges. i'm thoroughly disappointed.

    regarding the value america bit, i'm wondering if i can use a different card/email/alias to get the $120 multiple times. wouldn't mind picking up a few palm v's and hitting e-bay.
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    Question for someone out there with a Palm V - I presume that because the Palm V has a rechargeable lithium ion battery then the cradle has some sort of external power connection (ie. plugs into your serial port _and_ the mains) - or does the battery simply recharge from the serial port connection?

    I ask this because I'm in Australia, and we have 240V mains and not 120V like you guys - hence if I was to order from VA (and they may not even ship outside the states...) I'd want to be sure that I could actually recharge the silly thing here!

    Thanks - sorry to go off-topic a bit.

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    I'm using a Vx right now. It draws its power from a separate 120V transformer, not the serial port (strange design; powers supply plugs into the back of the serial port connector at your computer; not at the sync base).
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    For those wanting to cancel their Visor orders, I've discovered that the Customer Service email address posted in another forum works very well - - I used it last night to cancel not only the Visor Deluxe I had "reserved" over the phone, but also the case I had bought from the online store. They were very pleasant and efficient.
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