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    Howdy All -

    The offer from VA was too much for me to resist. I went for the V knowing full well it was on back order. Now I was wondering if anyone else is a.) waiting for their shiny new V and b.) if they know when they are going to get more in (and our to us).

    Please don't turn this into a - "Hey, I just got my Visor Deluxe and your still waiting for your silly V." I didn't want the Visor, I wanted the V.

    Now, I just want to see if those who did order know about when we might expect the V to be happily charging up next to our computers.



    I will post to this topic if I hear anything on my end.
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    My question is: Why are you even here, at VisorCentral? This is, after all, a Visor site, not a Palm site. What if a whole bunch of WinCE zealots came here and declared the Off Topic board their own? You have no interest in the Visor and you don't want to hear about it. Telling people about the Palm prices at VA was alright, but this is going into the territory of vicarious anticipation the Visor once occupied. Why don't you find a Palm site to discuss this?
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    I'm a Palm user, just cruising the boards here for "Palm OS" type stuff, so I understand where you're coming from JonPod. You found the original info here so it seems natural to come back here to have dialog about it.

    At the same time, DKantola is correct that this is a Visor board. However, I don't think that any of the Palm users have come here and "declared the Off Topic board their own." That's a bit if an exaggeration. Also, I'm sure that a lot of Visor buyers are reading and posting at PalmStation and some of the other Palm sites and so far I haven't seen anyone tell them to leave.

    Perhaps we should leave it up to the moderators to decide if the board is open or exclusively Visor rather than post rude replies? What exactly does Off Topic mean?
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    Probably because this is where the thread originated. I'm sure his remarks about how he wants a V, not a Visor, should not be read as "I dislike everything Visor, and only want Palm," but rather "I took a great opportunity to get a V (that was more expensive and more to my tastes) cheaper than I could get the Visor, but now I'm wondering about shipping from the company that has been discussed at VisorCentral." Don't take it as an attack on Visor owners/buyers.

    And in answer to his question, I also ordered a V from VA. I talked to a service rep yesterday, who said that the V was "on backorder, with no ETA," and that they were "waiting for 3Com to ship" some more units to them. So to answer the first poster's question, yes, there are others in the same boat as you, and yes, moderators permitting, I will post here if I hear anything. Why would I post here instead of at a Palm site? Because. I like it here. I've got great expectations for Handspring, especially with the new Dragonball CPU out... we'll see great things. Do I regret cancelling my Visor order and ordering a V? Nope. I'm already using a V - the extra will go to my fiance. We'll charge and hotsync at the same PC, using the same cradle. Not bad.

    I guess the main purpose of this post is to try to let others see both sides like I do. Those that choose Handspring over Palm are fine, and they're just going with their instincts like the rest of us. Those that go with Palm over Handspring are probably doing so based on a short-term economic savings, combined with THEIR gut instincts. We're all the same underneath, hoping for a great PDA.
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    To my surprise, after being told yesterday by VA that the Palm V was backordered with no ETA, today the UPS guy came by and delivered a box. I thought it was a IIIx I had later ordered, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that my V had arrived. By 4:00 it should be finished charging, and ready to use.
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    Jamester, glad you got your V! Posts such as yours are making it very difficult for me to wait until VA has the Vx in stock! But I know I will regret only having 2 megs of memory so I will just make myself wait. the VISA back in the wallet and sit on it!
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    Lock, I'm waiting with you. Any idea when VA will get the Vx in stock? I thought I saw someone mention it yesterday, but I can't find it now.

    I keep putting the VISA away, and it keeps getting out again! Stupid card!
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    Tech Girl, perhaps we should for a support group. I know there must be others like us...desperately waiting and fighting off the urge to succumb to the temptation of the V...hoping that today will be the day.

    Anyway, it was Solo in this thread who gave info about his discussion with VA about the Vx:

    I hope you hold out Tech Girl...keep us posted, ok?

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    Got my PV from VA today as well.
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    For those of you who HAVE received your Palm V's from valueamerica, would you mind posting WHEN you originally placed your orders and whether order tracking showed it as shipped before it arrived?

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    I placed my order 10/13. I also ordered a second cradle. VA order tracking showed (and still shows) the whole order's status as "In Progress" and each piece's status as "Payment Received."

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    I can confirm doubleyou's statements. I placed my order on 10/12. It was apparently shipped Monday from Virginia (to North Carolina - not a big jump, so not much shipping time involved.) Order status on VA still says "In Progress", with the Palm V specifically listed as "Payment Recieved". Keep in mind that the service rep I talked to Monday said that they were backordered with no ETA - and then it was shipped at 8PM that evening. Moral of the story? Don't believe their website and look for your package. My IIIx should be here tomorrow, as even though it shows up as "In Progress" and "Payment Recieved" as well, the service rep I talked to yesterday was able to provide me with a tracking number. I placed that order on the 15th (Friday).
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    Thanks for all the info. I can't believe after saying I didn't want this to be a silly discussion, The first response is "why are you posting here?"

    Whatever. Again thanks for the shipping info. It sounds like they actually might have them and the phone people just don't know. I will update if I find anything. I order the 17th.

    Handspring fan but future Palm V owner :>
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    Glad to hear we may be getting our Palm V's even though they claim they're backordered. VA already charged my credit card last thursday (I ordered online last thursday night). So what do you think, does that mean they probably shipped it? I thought companies weren't supposed to charge your card if something was on backorder indefinitely...
    Maybe just wishful thinking, but I'm anxious to get it.

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    Here's the scoop I received last week in discussion with a VA CSR. He stated they ship different products from any of 9 regional warehouses nationwide. They are merely a front for the internet sales side of the business, they take orders and then orders are processed electronically to the nearest warehouse. For example I live in Ohio and my IIIx shipped from Illinois. BTW I ordered the IIIx on AM of the 12th and received it AM the 14th.

    I too was considering a VD but couldn't pass up the price from VA.
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    I talked with a CSR from VA this morning who stated that they have the Palm V's back in stock and are in the process of shipping. Actually, it sounds like they have probably been shipping for a couple days. The lady said it takes a few days for them to get tracking numbers from the warehouses, which seems to be why the product arrives before we're able to track it.
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    My Palm V is happily sitting the cradle charging up. It arrived from VA about 3:00 today.

    Ordered on the 17th, and in my grubby little the 22nd.

    Not bad for $222.

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    i ordered mine 10/13 and got it 10/21, even though i called and they said it was backordered.. YEAH!!!
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    Mine arrived today as well, and is charging happily in its cradle...after waiting for it to come with no real expected arrival date, you'd think waiting for three hours while it charged would be no problem
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    mine arrived 10-22 ordered 10-13...nice machine.... not a Visor wife will love this(when my Visor arrives)Ha
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