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    I ordered one (palmV for $222 from VA) this morning at 3am online.....sounds like they've got them back in stock, hope to see it within 2 weeks.
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    Yep, don't believe VA's shipping information, though it's far better than Handspring's abilities.

    I ordered a Palm V on 10/19. Received the cradle on 10/22 (attempted delivery on 10/21) and thought the V was back ordered. Called CRS on 10/25 just to check on the status; she couldn't find a ship date. I thought it was hopelessly back ordered by everyone who couldn't wait for their Visors, but it arrived last night.

    It rocks, though I'm still waiting for my Visor (ordered online 10/6) to decide which to keep.
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    Hey, you no longer seem to be able to receive the $100 credits from VA if you're already a member (ie. can't thus get both the $20 and $100 credits) - Any ideas?

    I knew I should have logged in when this was first avilable but put it off until I decided to go with the Palm V... may be forced to settle for only the $100 credits alone.

    If anybody knows a way around this it would be much appreciated.
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    Try choosing a new member name and using a different credit card. I've heard that the discount works with all cards, not just Visa.

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    They definately aren't backordered anymore...Ordered: 10/25 (3am), arrived today: 10/28....perfect! its charging up, cant wait for it to finish.
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    Thanks organdonor - though I think they may have closed the loop-hole allowing both the $100 and $20 value dollars to be collected. Signing in for either as a new member is fine - but I can't see a way to get both (ie. early on in the piece you could collect your $100 val$ as a current member, after you had scored the $20).

    Anyone know how to 'rollover' two Value America memberships into one? That's the only way around I can see...?
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    TO Frodo (or anyone else who ordered), I am planning on ordering a IIIx-what did you get for this price at VA? It comes with a cradle, correct?!
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    VA has pulled the registration from this page even though it said the offer was valid until Dec 31, '99.

    I guess in the world of internet sales ... an offer is only valid until the company decides to revoke it no matter what they say in the fine print. *sigh*

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