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    Well I was browsing VA's pda page with a hope
    of a new Vx deal. Then I noticed a new tiny 3Com item above the regular one to the left of the page. I clicked it and it listed the new palm pdas IIIe, Vx and VII.
    IIIe was listed as $199 and VII as $499. To my amazement Vx was listed as $1.99 ?!?!?!?! I ordered a couple of them right away. I strongly doubt that I will receive any with that price, but this shows that a Vx deal is imminent thru VA.

    The little 3com item is still there, but now if you click it, it says "We're sorry, but there are currently no handhelds & pdas in this part of the store."

    If I do receive a Vx for 1.99+s&h, this will be the sweetest bug (or human error) I have ever experienced in my life

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    I called VA and asked them about this. They had teh Vx up there, but 3Com had them pull it off the sale shelf. While it's true ecost is taking orders for the Vx, they won't ship for two more weeks.

    VA merchandising reps tell me VA WILL get the Vx, and the price will be very close to ecost (+/- a few dollars).

    So, if you want a Vx for under $300 (using VA's value dollars), it will happen soon. It is back to a waiting game, but want the Vx.
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    I've checked my Vx orders on VA today and oddly enough they seem to have been shipped on 10/15. According to the tracking info they will arrive today. The price is still $14 ($1.99+$12 s/h). I'm realy very very curious about what I will receive today. The order still says "Palm Vx Connected Organizer".

    I'll let you guys know if I indeed hit the jackpot.
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    Thanks for the info...I'll keep waiting then.


    They gave you a tracking number that you could track the package at the UPS site? If so, it will be interesting to see what's in those boxes.

    I could see a company setting up a page for a particular item in anticipation of receiving the stock from the manufacturer, but to put the price at $1.99 for a $300-400 item is not very smart! There is always the chance for weird flukes on the web...pages popping up where they shouldn't and so on...we all have seen them.
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    How is this possible? a Palm Vx for 15 dollars? am i understanding you correctly? Are you buying the palm in connection to some special offer. What does VA stand for? what Are there URLs to these incredible deals?

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    Well the $14 deal is pure coincidence and is still unsubstantiated. I've missed the ups guys today so I still don't know what those 2 boxes, sent by ValueAmerica, contain.

    As for the regular deal ($120 off) you can get more info in generic99's thread "$162 Palm 3x delivered form VA".

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    Hanging out to see what you recieve....
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    well if you do get one; i'll offer 200$ for one of them :-)

    Tom Alphin III - -

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    Tolo: IF you get that, that'd be great; if you want to sell it, I'll give ya $279 now.

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    This is the wrong place!! You need to try

    What the hell: $325 here!
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    Okay tolo, don't make us wait any longer. We want you to be there when UPS comes today, understand??? If that means you have to leave work early then get a move on it, man!

    BTW, I'll give you $330 for the extra!
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    I will be here until 2:25 PT. I have a class at 2:30 which I have to make. They usualy come around 12:00-1:00. It's too bad that you cannot pickup your package on the day of the delivery with UPS. I could have driven to the UPS to pick it up yesterday.

    Anyhow, I'll post as soon as I receive my fake plastic Vx with a "Sorry this is what we meant for a $1.99 Vx!" message on it
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    Now I'm a happy owner of tw ocopies the fabulous "My Holiday ScreenSaver: The easy way to create Your Own Holiday ScreenSaver"

    The return dept of VA and I will have a very interesting conversation tomorrow.

    At least they've send my Ages of Empires II order right - my only consolation
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    Looks like Lock, popete and Solo are each the proud owners of a very expensive copy of "My Holiday ScreenSaver"...

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    Nothing ventured, Nothing gained. Oh well.
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    DJ: If you read ALL the posts, you'd see I have not ordered ANYTHING from VA yet.


    I am still waiting for the Vx to hit the online retailers, but I guess I just have to play with my Visor until then.

    What? I did not cancel my Visor!!?? Nope. Still have it on order and yes I ordered on 9/14 (number 257 to be exact).

    I'll look at the Visor and evaluate it. If I like it, I'll likely keep it. I'll also order a Vx, compare the two and keep the best one for my needs.

    Wow! I guess I let the cat out of the bag about still having my order in. Oh well, f*ck it!
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    Well it was fun to dream! Sorry that it wasn't something that you could at least use.

    It will be interesting to see how VA handles the return of these items. If they give you any hassles with the return, please let us know.
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    Solo: Do you think we're going to diss you here in this topic because you never cancelled your Visor order? Sheesh. Good to see you think highly of us.

    I regret nothing. I got my V yesterday, and my IIIx should make it here today (it's about 60 miles away, give or take)... and next year about the same time I'll be ready (and able) to sample the latest Handspring offerings. I'm sure you'll enjoy your Visor, and I'm sure you'll also enjoy the Vx - it'll be a tough decision when it comes to deciding which one to send back, but I'm sure you'll manage.
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    Jamester: Nah, I'm not worried about being dissed.

    I got involved in the thread to see what kind of reactions and discussion could be stirred up. The resulting information was beneficial to me (and many people). Plus, I like playing with a hornets nest.

    Even the V I "bought" was purchased from eBay. I paid $175 for it and now the bid on it is currently $255 (not bad, eh?). There is a guy in Europe who wants one as well (should I tell him about the VA deal? )

    Anyway, I will manage. I'm going to compare USB vs serial hotsynching; battery drain; screens; OS speed; lots of things. I will keep the best one. The Vx will be available next week for ~$280 from VA (with the special deal). HS performed a check on my CC for over $270 and I am in Texas! I'll be damned if I am paying sales tax because that's what the $18 dollars is for.

    The Vx will cost me $291 delivered to my door and unless the Visor wows the crap out of me, the Vx will be staying and the Visor willbeagoin'!

    Let me know how you like yours and take it easy.
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    Where did you get the info that VA will have the Vx next week? I called and they told me that they had no idea. I also called 3Com and they told me that it probably won't be available on-line until next year. I sure hope that you are right. I am waiting for the Vx as well.
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