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    A common phrase on Usenet is:

    Please do not feed the trolls.

    A troll is someone who throws out bait and sits back and waits for someone to bite, hence it is called trolling. Why don't they call them Trollers instead of Trolls? Dunno, but since they sometimes seem to be unsociable, maybe the best place for them is under a bridge.

    I just find it's best to ignore them, get the info from the discussion board that I was looking for and get on with my life. Someone else can waste their time feeding them.

    I hope this can be seen as a positive post...I'm not trying to see what can be "stirred up" as one person put it. Just trying to be helpful and also do what I can to keep the boards free of off-topic litter so I don't have to wade through it everytime I come looking for PalmOS-related info.


    Thanks again for the helpful news about the Vx at VA. Normally I don't read your posts, but that one just caught my eye and will save me some $ and therefore I'll have less guilt about buying the Vx when my IIIx is only 8 months old.

    P.S. Are you the same Jamester that I see at Palmstation?

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    The return procedure went well. They will be picking up from my door and they gave a 2 hr time interval which is good. The funny thing is that the CSR *and* her supervisor were sure about that Palm V is an organizer and Palm Vx is a screen saver. So they told me that I have ordered the right thing

    Solo: Are you sure that they are going to have it next week? If so someone should tell them not to try to put the "Palm Vx : The ultimate screensaver" into the cd drive in order to test or they gonna have a serious jammin'!
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    LOL, I guess we are going to have to compare the manufacturer's part number shown by VA with the number given by Palm. I think I can live without a ~$399 screensaver, or even a ~$279 one.
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    You know what? It matches. Both Palm and VA have it as 3C80401U. I guess VA is using its own internal item # instead of MP# as reference for orders.
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    Something else, I took that MP# and entered it into the search form at VA and there was no match. I then entered the Palm V's in the search form and voila!

    I even went to Palm's site to make sure I was using the correct #'s.

    Maybe I'll do a phone order when the Vx shows up there so I know I'm getting the right stuff...

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    Here is the link to the Vx page in VA. Until yesterday the price was still $1.99. Now it is changed to $399.99. However you cannot this page from their pda page. I've got it from my online receipt. It doesnt look like screensaver to me
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    LOL! It doesn't look like a screensaver to me either unless its just a still pic of the Palm V/Vx that floats around on your screen.

    Thanks for posting that link, BTW. I'm tempted to try ordering it...
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    Update: I tried ordering it, and everything was fine until I got to the page where I would have entered CC info. I'm at work now and evidently the VA server detected something insecure about how the LAN is set up. I will try again from home tonight.
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    Well, I wouldn't order it (at least not online). You'll end up paying $300 for the screen saver I received. It does not matter for VA what the MP# is. They use some internal number to reference items and Palm Vx's number points to the screensaver apparently. Or at least call them before you order and double check.

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    All I can say is, "Ahem!"

    Hope you guys get what you order will be in shortly.

    Thanks again for whoever started me on this thread- I learned alot from it.
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    do you have the product number of the item you ordered? would you recommend ordering the Vx using the link posted above?

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    I was figuring that if they fixed the price then they had fixed everything and I kinda got carried away. But your right and thanks for the words of wisdom. I will call them first.

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    Darth: I have a REAL problem recommending anything like that, but I do say you should call and ask about the Vx. I am calling shortly (honest ).
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    darthsith (and others new to this link):

    *DO NOT* order Vx following the link I've posted without double checking with a VA SR on the *phone* *beforehand*. I tired to fly too close to the sun and got burned mildly. Now the stakes are higher ($400). Don't get charbroiled.
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    wow.. i think that link may actually be it! I'm excited!

    because... according to the description... i think it's be really cool to have a rechargable lithium ion screensaver... or lithium ion rechargable palm vx...

    hmm... which one is more worth it?

    that'd actually be a tough one.
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    Pls DO NOT order from the above link. VA cannot confirm they have the Vx in their warehouses yet!!!

    Sorry, but they can't. The one lady told me 01/00, but I know this is horsecrap.

    They Vx will be available next week on most online retailers.

    BTW, did I tell any of you that after two calls confirming AND correcting my Visor, it still went to the wrong freaking place!!!!!!!In Texas!!!!!!

    Ugh. Handspring, you suck!!!!!!!!

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