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    I'm not into CF cards so I don't know what it's capable of doing...

    But for the buyer choosing whether to get a Visor or a TRGpro, the question must be : what are the advantages of each?

    Is it true that the springboards can do things that the CF cards can't? Like can you have GPS on a CF, for example?

    I know the advantage CF has is the humongous space available, are there any more practical advantages when one uses the TRGpro?
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    I think its too soon to say at this point.

    At the TRGPro website, they have pictures of a CF barcode reader and a couple of others also, including a CF modem and CF ethernet card. I can imagine that TRG is having talks with potential CF card makers just the same as Handspring did with the springboard makers.

    I wouldn't mind having a use for the 4 and 8 meg CF cards I have laying around. The ability to store files on the card and then use that same card in my notebook as well as my PDA is very compelling. This also applies to the CF modem, FWIW.

    Think about the possibilities...

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