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    Does anyone have the Palm VII? Is it any good? I really like the idea of being able to access the web at any time. I don't know...I might be swaying my decision. How much was VA going to sell it for?
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    It isn't the cost of the Palm VII that is so bad, it is the airtime cost for usage. It is very expensive to operate.

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    I don't know how much VA was or is going to sell it for, but Onsale had a listing for the VII up around 10/8 and then took it down a day or so later, and put it back up around 10/12. After a day or two, they put up a note on the listing that they were out of stock, then a couple of days later they took the whole listing back off again. The price was $433.xx plus $8.95 shipping fee both times they had it listed.

    I think this is an excellent price and was almost tempted, but I see better things coming (the PDQ phone that uses Palm OS from QualComm is nice but pricey), and I think by next spring that we are really going to have some great products on this front.

    If I had $ to burn, I'd get the VII though. My practical nature is holding me back.

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