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    I am thinking of buying a Palm V, but am new to the PDA market. My only concern is the 2mb memory issue. Is 2mb enough for handling scheduling and a few games?
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    yup; but your needs/desires may grow as you become accustomed to having it everywhere you go.

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    Oftimes that "may grow" warning should be "will grow" I've been amazed at what you can do with a Palm Pro (2mb upgrade with IR) but can fill very quickly with programs and e-texts. If you're looking for the best buy deal, the ValueAmerica new member price (if you got the $100 sign up bonus) is great; but at $249 (Visor) vs $209 (V) I'd hold out for the extra 6mb ram.

    That said, there is no doubt the Palm V/Vx form factor is the best PDA going. It really does fit in a shirt pocket (not ripping out the shirt pocket). I'm struggling with whether to keep my Palm Vx, or return it before the return period runs out. I had hoped to have Visor Dx in hand by now for comparison, but no luck yet.
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    There are a number of after-market companies that will upgrade a Palm V to 8MB if you need it at some time in the future. I have read positive reports about these upgrades and there are reviews on a number of Palm-related web-sites that you access if you want more info.
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    My biggest "enough" concern with the PV is the battery life. Although the form factor of the V/Vx is 'tha sh*t', from what I've heard, you get only 10 hours or so of use out of the unit. Once it goes dead, you're skrewd until you can dock it.

    Is it just me, or does anyone think that Palm might be trying to wean users off of the LONG battery life of the III's in order to make way for battery sucking color screens?
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    WHAT?! 10 HOURS? You're right, you should expect 10-12 hours of continuous usage. That means the thing is on and you're intensively using it for 10 hours straight. That's the exact same length of time you'll get out of a IIIx or Visor on a pair of NiMH's. With alkalines, you'll get probably 20 straight hours of usage on a device, but then you have to buy new ones and 50 cents to a dollar per pair. So there is a trade-off involved with the rechargeable battery.

    But what does that mean in real-life usage? It means that you should expect to be able to use the thing without recharging for about 3-4 weeks. Normal usage means turning it on 6-8 times per day, adding addresses, checking out files, alarms going off, reading docs, playing games occasionally. It does not mean browsing the web or playing games for hours on end. These are power intensive applications and if you're going to do those, then you REALLY need a rechargeable since otherwise you'll be eating through alkalines on a regular basis.
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    I doubt Palm is getting users ready for low battery color screens with the Palm V series. There's only so much room inside that case (if you read the self-help web posts on how to modify the palm V memory, they all say there isn't a square cm of free space) for the battery. It's the age old notebook/PDA/etc dilemma: component modifications extend battery life more than new battery technology. even these new generation Li ion batteries don't hold up.
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    Thanks for the experienced insight. However, now I am really confused after reading some other posts:

    Palm V for ~$220
    Palm IIIx for ~$140

    or wait for the Palm Vx for ~$299 or Visor Deluxe for ~$249.

    I may opt for the IIIx (min investment) now and see what comes out over the next few months. This seems to be a new growth area. Any thoughts on the above?
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    if you are using the palm as an organizer, 2mb is enough. I mean 3,ooo adresses, 1500 to dos, 1500 memos, 3000 appointments... would you agree 2mb is enough.
    I've had my 2mb palm3 for 7 months and I still have 46% of my memory free.
    It is a tool. You want to use it and then put it away. You dont want to fill it up with every applications that handles everything. You only waste your 2mb and more importantly your Time.

    If you look at the posting for"what to do with 8mb" you"ll see only geeks that want to include books (the bible for God's sakes)
    in their PDAs. You Do Not want to read books on your PDA. Unless you want to be wearing Bifocals 5 years from now...
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    With a decent screen, reading a book on a PDA will do no more harm to your eyes than reading a paper-back novel. The danger comes not from *what* you're reading but from not resting your eyes (ie. by focusing at something in the distance) every few minutes.
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    Thinking, you might be interested in this thread on reading on a PDA:

    That 8Mb is looking pretty good!
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    Thankful, this is the second post of yours I've read where you call people geeks because they read books on the Palm.

    First, maybe to you the word "geek" is an insult...whatever. Just keep in mind that we wouldn't even have these devices if geeks hadn't bought them in the first you should be thanking them.

    Second, there are some very good reasons to keep books on the Palm, such as computer reference works that can be downloaded in HTML format from the MacMillan site and viewed in iSilo. Concerning eyestrain, I don't know about your Palm device, but my Palm IIIx has different size fonts. Perhaps you were unaware of this, but let me clue you: the large bold font is very legible.

    There is also some great original fiction on the net for passing the time before meetings, while traveling, etc. Anyone check out the fan fiction parodies based upon the characters from Episode One? Hilarious and some have already been converted to DOC format! They can be found at:

    Finally Thankful, please consider trying to keep your comments on a non-personal, non-insulting level. Its obvious that you haven't looked at the world around you very much or you would realize that we all have different needs and we have come to this board to help each other and share ideas, etc. Why not share what you DO use your handheld for instead of putting others down? Perhaps you could actually help others instead of just alienating them with your immature comments.
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    Well said.


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