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    i saw a modem addon for palm IIIx/V. if there is an option for hardware addon, can't 3com come out with other addons similar in concept to the springboard technology in visor?

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    They could, but then that segment the market between Springboards and 3COM's flavor. I think it would be easier (and better) if 3COM licensed the Springboard technology from HS.

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    ...And ironic that they shouldn't have seized upon the possibility sooner...perhaps even when Hawkins and co were working for 3com. (Were they holding out? Stifled?)

    The palms have had some addon capability for quite a few models, it's just their implementation hasn't been as neat and uniform as Handspring's Springboard. And there's corporate inertia and backwards compatibility concerns which have hampered 3Com (Noone likes to buy a modem only to discover it doesn't work in a newer model). A bit of competition is just what the doctor ordered, I think. Whether they catch up or not is anyone's guess, but Handspring is definitely the more elegant option at moment. May it live up to its potential!
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    Actually, Hawkins explained that the conception of the springboard did not occur until after he left 3Com. I seem to recall from an interview that he came up with it when he was pondering how to implement a brain-dead easy solution for hardware add-ons and memory intensive software. Perhaps he was stifled at 3Com and needed the freedom to think. :]

    I checked back on the articles and it was the one in the NY Times that talks about how he came up with the concept. See it at this link:

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    Thanks for the link, Jackal! It's always nice to have cynicism reined up short once in a while


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