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    I am curious to see how the TRGPro start goes next Monday. Guess that they will be very carefull and really think what they will say and do.

    I put in my email and have nothing received yet. Sounds familiar!?

    Its another IIIx clone, but with voice recording - they only function I really miss on my IIIx (and on the Visor).

    I don't think the will 'rattle the boat' with low prices since they have announced already that they aim for the 'corporate market' (whatever that means)

    Life isn't boring! Not this month!

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    My guess is that TRG's machine will be along the price line of the V/Vx, capitalizing on the CF slot while sacrificing the slimline form factor... Notice it had FlashROM -- automatically more expensive than the Visors.

    One thing I'm curious about though is the CF slot itself. From my understanding, the DragonBallEZ is only capable of handling 8MB of RAM address space. So how is TRG going to get around a 40MB CF? Are they going to do bank switching like HP did on their 48GX/49G machines, where the machine is constantly swapping out which address space it's accessing?
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    I think so. I believe that the Visor does the same thing to access >8MB. Same story from x86, page switching. The CPU can access a 2^32 bit address space, it is just that the DRAM controller is a bit substandard and can only access 8. It probably was a cost/power tradeoff. Besides, you'll only encounter performance hits if you have data accesses across _8 MB_ page boundaries, which is a heck of a lot for a handheld. Probably the only contiguous data that would span 8MB is a database of some kind, and if you are doing a search the performance hit is minimal. I wouldn't want to sort it on there though!
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    Ah! That makes sense. Thanks. That makes me a little less leary about the Springboard 8MB backup module, and any potential Springboard CF devices... which I hope come out soon... I'd like to try it with my 48M CF from my old Psion Series 5.

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