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    Does anyone happen to know the link to the place where you sign up for the $100 rebate (specifically on the Palm IIIx)? I can't seem to find the link. Also, has anyone recieved their Palm IIIx from ValueAmerica yet?
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    I think Handspring needs to drop their prices a bit to compete with this! I would really like a Visor, but if the Vx is available for ~$300, it is going to be a VERY hard decision.
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    It's not a matter of HS needing to drop prices... these prices are with a $100 "bonus" from ValueAmerica towards purchases in their online store that total greater than $200. IE: If they carried the Visor Deluxe, then we could get Visor Deluxe's for $149 (assuming we hadn't used our $100 yet).
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    however, the visors will only hit the retail market next year ....

    by then, you might have a product from TRG or a new Palm VIIx or even Visor Deluxe II ....

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