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    Can someone please provide the link to the part of the ValueAmerica sight that contains the $100 rebate? Thanks.
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    Just click on this link to the "$162 Palm 3x" thread in this forum:

    Please note: this isn't a rebate, but a credit that comes off at checkout. Read the various posts carefully; there's an additional $20 credit available too. Be sure you sign up in the right order!
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    And that order would be, use the $20 link *FIRST* - then the $100 link. If you do it the other way around, you won't be able to use the $20 one. (I found out the hard way.) I don't have the URL's handy, but as adVisor said, check the other thread in this forum... it's got all the details.
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    Well, I gave in. I took the $120 dollars from VA and bought a brand new laser printer.

    Now I'll have a new toy to play with while I wait for my Visor to arrive.

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