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    I just read on a newsgroup (comp.sys.something.somthingelse) that the Palm Vx and VII would not be available through internet retailers, only through mail order from 3COM. Well, goodbye 3COM. Way to gouge the customers. I've been holding out to see the deal with the Vx, but I'm certainly not paying the outrageous list price of $449 for it. I'm pretty disappointed about it, because if money were no object, I would get the Vx over the Visor, purely for size and weight since they have the same amount of memory. But, like most people, I am not made of money, so I will buy a Visor deluxe and encourage my friends (who have been waiting to see what I buy) to do the same.
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    The Vx is available at many brick and mortar retailers right now, TODAY, like OfficeMax, Office Depot, Staples, MicroCenter, etc. These stores have had them for at least a week now, it just hasn't been advertised.

    Of course, you will pay $449 for them but every time a new Palm device was released, it was a few months before they could be had for less. When the V and IIIx were released, you had to go to a brick and mortar or buy them direct through Palm for the first 6-8 weeks. A few e-tailers were able to pick 'em up sooner, but most just took your order and told you it was on back-order and they would ship the device to you as soon as they had supply. (Hmmm, sounds like someone else I know) Anyway, this is because Palm gives certain exclusive rights to the brick & mortars for a period of time so that they can make some bucks before the e-tailers jump into the action.

    So why are you expecting anything different this time?
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    i believe has the vx for $399.

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