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    My palm personal broke.I needed a replacement I considered everything. For a while i thought about buying another palm personal. I look around, pricing agents sites, auctions even retail looking for a cheap old palms.
    I couldn't find one. Recently, on ebay a palm 5000 was going for more than $130, the auction wasn't even over yet. When you consider that 3com is selling palm IIIs for 179 that seams a little strange.
    I' ve since decided that an OS 3, a new screen and 8megs would do me good.
    Still I find it strange that old palms are going for so high, any comments or theories?
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    It's Ebay.

    The only place in the world you can buy something in the store, sell it online for MORE, and they still have to pay for shipping on top of that.

    Most of the people on Ebay are Aol'ers (the buyers) and have no clue what's going on in the world. THey have no idea something like the visor is coming out, they have no idea Palm lowered its prices. It hurts regular people who really want to get a deal, but that's the way it is.
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    However, if you can find an item than people don't understand, then you can (occasionally) get a killer deal. Last year I picked up some RAM for $100 that was ID'd only by part was MSRP $379 IBM ECC SDRAM, and it was new, unopened, and with warranty.

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