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    ....just saw a pic of the new Palm Xi in usenet 'comp.sys.palmtops.pilot'.

    Palm Xi has color LCD.

    The III series is now probably only for the low end market.
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    Palm XI? Looks like a fake rendering to me.

    P.S. news:aGbJ3.409$

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    Sorry, but that is not a Palm Xi (nor does such a machine yet exist).

    The image looks very close to a concept design from Scott Andress; several of these were set up as computer renderings way back in the June 98 issue of Pen Computing. This one was called (in the article) the Palm Electra. Probably not so strange then that the filename for the image pointed to in the newsgroup is called "pelectra1.jpg".

    For those who may have trouble getting to the image, I've put up on a page:

    The Palm Xi (hoax)

    Enjoy the joke!

    - Zippy
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    Everyone goes oooo wow!!!! about a colour palm screen, What's the big deal, the OS is not the most pleasant eye candy in the world. If a new colour screen came out, then the OS would have to be redesigned i guess. Who wants to pay more money than they should for a color screen on their organizer.
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    Well, the final question is - does a Xi is in the drawer or not?

    May it was just a hoax.
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    Since the well known Palm Vx is due in stores Oct. 4th, and since the newsgroup message uses that date as the release date for the "Xi", I imagine the writer behind the posting just didn't quite have the name down right.
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    Does anyone else think that it looks like it's running Windows 3.1 .....LOL
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    If the first color Palm looks anything like that hoax, then I'm going with a Casio E-200 (or whatever the model is by the time the first color Palm units come out).
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    It is a hoax. The picture was taken from a concept of future Palm devices.
    http://<a href="http://www.palmstati...lectra.htm</a>

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    The interesting thing about the rendering is the large cylindrical object on each side of the screen. I doubt that even 4 NiMh AA cells will fuel a color screen.
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    Chashine - it does look like its running some sorta' Win 3.1 OS, but then when you have a look at the hi-res image some of those windows look distinctly Mac-like...

    What a crazy crazy world...

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