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    I read an article that says there's a company who will upgrade a PalmV or a IIIx to 12mb. Is this possible? I heard that the processor will only address up to 8mb.

    I have an extra 8mb chip lying around from an old laptop. If what this company says is true, I can ad that chip to the free slot in my IIIx and have 12mb total.

    Any thoughts? Please help if you have any info.
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    Memory chips vary in size/shape depending what sort of electronic device they are going into. I really doubt an old laptop chip will fit into a Palm.

    Plus, like you said 8mb is the most the os and the processor can address, currently.
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    Actually, I checked, and the chip is the right kind. I just wish I knew what that company is talking about with a 12mb upgrade. Check out the link at:

    Just a thought
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    Hmmm. . . and that web site looks so professional. . .

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