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    I have a friend going to the Phillipiens in April. As everyone knows, Asia gets everthing 1st. She will bring me back any phone I want. Quite cheap too, I believe. Any suggestions (other than the Treo 600 or course)?
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    motorola a760

    linux based smartphone...flip phone with color screen try googling for more specs....but i know if there was better US GSM coverage, I would grab that phone...
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    Treo600 with Bluetooth
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    Just keep in mind not all the phones from Asia work in the U.S.
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    I can have any phone I want. At least any phone sold in the U.S. None of them are too expensive for me to buy if I really want it. I chose the Treo.
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    Originally posted by lgreenberg
    Just keep in mind not all the phones from Asia work in the U.S.
    And not all phones are cheaper either. But I would go with the Treo 600. Does everything I need and more.

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    wrong place to ask. everyone here loves the treo. ask in howardsforums :
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