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    Hi all,
    I've got a Treo 300 now, and am about to upgrade to the 600. I came across, quite by accident, the G1000, and was wondering what was thought of it. I know it has a MUCH faster processor and swivel camera, which I like, but it is Pocket PC. Is the operating sys the big hangup on these? Please help me get on one track or the other
    Thanks, Adam.
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    Go to a store and compare the sizes. The hitachi is a beast. Seriously, it won't fit in my pocket.
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    Search the boards for "g1000 comparison" and you should get some pictures that illustrate my point.
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    Do you want a handheld or a handfull?
    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    Holy smokes! You guys are right! That thing is like a slab of 2x8" wood! WOW! Thanks for the info.

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