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    This has WiFi, Bluetooth, VGA camera and Transflective TFT screen, SD SDIO slot, and 64 MB RAM/64 MB ROM. Will this give Treo 600 competition in June?
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    It looked good at first, but then I noticed it had an "Add-on Thumb Keyboard". The picture makes it look like the keyboard is built in, but I guess that's not the case. I have a hard enough time dragging my earpiece around, last thing I need is a removable keyboard.
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    It's a fake.
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    No contest. Palm OS vs PPC OS.... I'l take Palm OS EVERY time. I've used PPC phones (A friend also ownes a PPC phone), I prefer my phone to be easy to use, and stable. The LAST thing I need is a "Fatal Ecption" during a phone call!

    Nearly everyone I know that has a PPC phone gets realy jelous when they see my Palm OS phone. They are like "If I knew then what I know now, I would have done the same thing."
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    I can confidently predict that I will never use a windows powered smartphone, I wouldn't want to have spend half the day trying to recover lost data through viruses etc if there was a mac smartphone that might be different !!!
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    oh but why... can confortably sit on the thing while waiting the bus...

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