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    I'm new to Graffiti, having moved from a Treo 180 to a Visor Pro (long story...don't ask<g>). Anyway, I notice under my "Preferences" settings several useful looking shortcuts for Date/Time stamps and so forth, and the ability to add user-defined ones. Problem is, I've no idea about how to USE these shortcuts. I'm sure it's obvious to long-time users, but not this boy.

    What exactly do I have to do, stylus-wise, to enter a Date/Time stamp using the default "dts" shortcut? As I read it, entering "dts" sans quotes via Graffiti should result in expansion of dts into a Date/Time stamp, "lu" into "Lunch" and so forth. Doesn't happen w my Visor Pro.

    What might I be missing?

    Many thanks.
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    Draw then write dts, lu, or whatever shortcut you'd like.
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    Thanks. I did manage to figure this out, and it seems obvious enough now, but didn't before.


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