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    Is there ANY way one can reliably restore a PalmOS device from files previously saved to a CompactFlash card w/o a HotSynch?

    I TRIED by copying every file (at least all seen by FAFileMover, which is a LOT if not all...) from my production Handspring Visor Pro to a 32Mb FlashCard. I then placed the card in a 2nd Visor Pro on which I'd just done a hard reset. Most files copies, with some warnings, but then the system would demand a reset at some point before the copy completed. Not surprisingly, it seems some system files don't appreciate attempts at being overwritten<g>.

    Upon reset SOME of my applications and MOST of my data were present, but MOST is not quite good enough.

    I'm looking for a way to have a system backup which included ALL data and installed applications from which a blank system can be restored in the field. This includes restoration of the HotSynch name, w/o which some software can't be properly registered. There are times and situations where a HotSynch is just not a practicality, but then neither is doing without critical applications and data.

    Suggestions? Perhaps there's a utility which will accomplish this? Thanks.
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    Give BackupBuddy VFS Lite a try:

    I haven't used it because my MemPlug comes with PiBackup.

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