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    Hey. I'm back. Haven't posted in here over a year or so...

    I have an old Visor Deluxe that I haven't hotsynced in about a year. I don't use it much anymore. Obviously ;o)

    Anyways, I recently was given a new Sony Clie. A basic model, but it's quite a jump to now have a high-res color screen.

    Does anyone have any advice, in general, I migrating to a Sony Clie using OSX? Can I sync this thing easily with OSX.3 using iSynch?

    Any 'gotchas' I should watch out for? What's the best way to get my old data onto the new device. I assume I should probably boot into OS9, do a final hotsync for a last-backup, then migrate the approprate data files over to the OSX.3/iSync set up to then sync with the sony?

    I'm at a total loss as to what's out there for software these days too, but I'll start another thread elsewhere regarding that...
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    Welcome back!
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