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    Originally posted by purpleX

    Let's compare battery consumption benchmark number once all devices are out.

    post treo 600 battery benchmark now, so you won't whine later how your treo 600 battery isn't as new hence not holding charge as much.

    get reay, it will be ugly 2-3 weeks from now.
    Hehehe too funny. You didn't even answer the question put to you. (as you never do). What device do you own? Which ones have you actually used?

    I guess a 10 year old girl can't really afford a phone.
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    No keyboard?...NO way!!..

    I've been spoiled by my Treo300 and now the 600. I refuse to type out words on a cell phone keypad. Just my opinion!!

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    Why are the Sony PDA's all using the Palm OS? Because the Palm OS is a much better PDA platform.
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    I don't think that the P900 or the Treo 600 will surpass the standard cell phone any time soon.

    Also not all symbian apps are compatible. Aren't nokia's series 60 and SE's UIQ apps incompatible?

    Also the keypad has to be removed with a screw driver.

    Though the P900 has lots of nice things, video recording etc. my vote still goes for the T600
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    Originally posted by purpleZ

    Every web community ends up eventually attracting someone that will post insults designed to aggravate the members. It's the Law of The Web. Sometimes I wonder if websites contract out to these people just to stir up a bit of controversy to keep things interesting...
    So true. But normally when someone is just a troll (eg: post a negitive comment in EVERY thread that says something positive about the item the forum is about), they usually just ban the person and the board runs much smoother.

    Nothing wrong with negative comments but geezzz every thread I start read I can pick out which post was made by "mr. I'm so awesome and the t600 sucks - purplex" without looking at the poster's name.

    either that or the members get so feed up they post a poll and then the mods start looking closer..

    I haven't even been here that long and its agravating.. is there a ignore feature on this bbs?
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    Does anyone know the specs on the camera on this phone? I know its still VGA but I'm wondering if it has a better cam than the t600. My S/O would like this phone.
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    is there a ignore feature on this bbs?
    Yes, to ignore someone click on the [profile] button at the bottom of the post then hit the button to add them to your ignore list.

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    Originally posted by purpleX
    >>> Who is this directed to?

    Got the french right, though.
    << My command as we escape Palm HQ with a new Pre 3>>.

    Treo 300 >> Treo 600 >> Treo 650 >> Treo 755 >> Instinct >> Pre- >> TouchPad
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    If someone came up with a qwerty keyboard you could screw on the p900 and replace the keypad would it interest you to see it?

    Can I have the artists here put the treo 600 keyboard on the p900 please?

    If the treo 600 came with a 320 x 320 option would you pay $ 50, $ 100, $ 200, $ 300 for it extra? At this point I would pay $ 350

    Now that Palm paid $ 160 million to Donna for the Treo 600, what is Donna thinking when she walks into Palm as a millionaire product visionary? A hi res screen? WIFI? Recorder? BT? A better camera? Movie? Projection laser screen or keyboard?

    A new body for the Treo 700?

    No I do not work for Sony. If I did I'd come up with this:

    The p900 with Palm OS
    A 3 Meg camera with flash and zoom
    WIFI and BT
    A keyboard

    It would be a killer.
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    Originally posted by mgauss

    No I do not work for Sony. If I did I'd come up with this:

    The p900 with Palm OS
    A 3 Meg camera with flash and zoom
    WIFI and BT
    A keyboard

    It would be a killer.
    Would you like a P900-like device with 1 MP camera (fixed lens), Bluetooth and Treo-style keyboard? You'll be able to buy one next year.
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    Don't call me a turncoat! I opted out of the TREO 600 and went with the P900(Unlocked!) Here are the reasons:

    1) Want to change off of T-mobile when portability comes! I have had extremely poor service from them when my 270's hinge broke. All they would do is offer me a $49 discount if I renewed service towards a replacement. They said the hinge breaking was abuse!!!!

    2) My car has bluetooth, and the bluetooth in the Sony Ericsson phones work great in my car. My wife has a small Sony Bluetooth phone and it supports all of my U-connect handsfree features. From what I understand, even if a Bluetooth card arrives for the 600, there is no guarantee that it will support the HANDSFREE specifications of the Bluetooth standards. ie. could just support communication for data sharing without the HANDSFREE control set.

    3) I am used to using handwriting, as my main PC is a tablet PC, so the input method doesn't bother me. I am sure a keyboard replacement for the keypad will be forthcoming anyway.

    4) I am not tied to any Palm aps that require palm OS.

    5) The p800 w/ Symbian has more of the international market share than any other platform - so - I feel safe in this decision.

    6) The graphics look outstanding. Most of the Palm Aps with cool graphics that I see did not run on my 270 and are not supported on the 600 either. There are many robust Symbian aps available with great graphics.

    Thats just some of my reasoning. If anyone is interested, I will post more information about my experiences with this phone/pda after it arrives.

    The 600 looks like a great phone, and I have had no issues with handspring, and hope all enjoy their new TREO, as it meets their specific needs.

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