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    I have the Kyocera 7135 and have been toying with the Treo 600. For those that have tried both, what are your thoughts?
    I know the carrier coverage is an issue, but Verizon may be getting the Treo (??)
    Do you miss graffitti? The voice recorder? The clam design with the screen protected? How do you carry/protect your Treo? The less coverage with Sprint? Thanks!
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    You said in this thread "I just received my Treo 600"

    and you started another thread about it here:

    if you have one, and your in a decent Sprint coverage area I'm sure you'll love it.

    if you don't have one yet, just get it. you have 14 days with Sprint to change your mind, but I don't think you will.
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    As I said, I have it ("am toying with it") but not sure whether to keep it. I was curious about other's thoughts. I do like the voice recorder a lot (treo apparently cannot have one), and I also like the clam design for screen protection, and graffitti. But I like the much faster processor for the Treo, and the thinner body. Tough decision, especially if verizon gets it because the Sprint coverage where I live is marginal at best.
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    Well for me I used to have the Kyocera 6135, 7135 was basically the same phone, nicer form factor, and SD card but the same every other way (able to record voice etc...).

    That being said what I like about this phone is that I can type all out with the keyboard. I have really big fingers and I am still able to type on the phone well. The voice memo feature would be nice and I have seen some other threads on here that say handspring is working on it, but who knows as to when it would be available. If you're worried about the screen, just get some fellowes screen protectors, even with a clamshell design you have to worry about it when you open it (say you drop it while it's open). I have been a lot happier with my Treo than I ever have with my Kyocera. Grafitti isn't the greatest way to input text, but typing is. I can im faster, type emails faster. I think you'll be very happy and if the only 2 things you're missing is voice recording and clamshell then I think the features you'll get that Kyocera doesn't have will more than make up for it.

    Bob Everland
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    Originally posted by rcyphermd
    Do you miss graffitti? The voice recorder? The clam design with the screen protected? How do you carry/protect your Treo? The less coverage with Sprint?
    I've got both. I posted a comparison at:

    Re: Q#1 ... No. The keyboard + 5-way nav makes sylus ALMOST obsolete. (I will shell out $$ to replace all software that requires stylus as it becomes available.)

    Re: Q#2 ... I didn't use the voice recorder much. However, I am hoping OS patch eventually makes it possible on the 600. I read on another thread that it's not supposed to be a big deal to enable.

    Re: Q#3/4 ... Don't miss clamshell design. Treo is more convenient. I use a horizontal case from Cellular Innovations. It is sturdy but doesn't add bulk to the unit. I can lift the velcro flap and get the phone out quickly. It has a belt loop rather than a clip, which gives me peace of mind that the case isn't going to come off my belt until I take it off. I've ordered the T600 screen protector from Boxwave. I've used this brand on previous PDA's and feel they provide good protection & mimimize glare.

    Re: Q#5 ... I've not had a problem with Sprint in DC. I was out of range between DC & Baltimore this morning, but only for a few minutes. Did have caller who couldn't leave voicemail for some unknown reason today -- what's up with that Sprint? However, I love unlimited data for $15 & BizConn. For those two items, I'm willing to overlook minor problems as long as they don't happen every day. Of course YMMV and your needs & tollerance may be different too.

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