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    Advantages for the P800/P900

    Higher Resolution Screen
    Better Camera (Quality not res)
    Ability for Voice Memos
    Built in MMS Templates
    Built in Pop 3 Client
    Opera Web Browser with SSR
    Voice Dialing
    Abilility to View MP4 Video Files without having to convert
    Ability to use .wav files as sounds/rings
    Built in MP3 player
    Better connectivity (You could send a pic via MMS, Bluetooth, Email, or IR all within the app)
    Good built in messaging client
    More customizable on a OS level

    And with it I:
    Used FTP program frequently
    Remote IR Program
    Check email
    Send MMS Pictures or Sound Clips
    Surf the net
    Took pictures
    View documents
    Listen to MP3's
    Beam files via BT to my pc or to view pictures better I would BT to my Ipaq 2210.

    And this is with just the "old" P800. So yes, it's a damn useful phone and I'am sure the P900 is even more so. Of course the Treo can do almost all of the things the P800 did, but not out of the box, plugin and go. I like both of them pretty equally, but the PCS Vision, good form factor, local # (No tmobile local #'s), and a huge Palm software archive I have made me goto the Treo. Only the XDA II (if it's small) or the P900 (Once the price is reasonable) could tempt me from the Treo. That's not saying the Treo sucks, or one is better than the other. If I did alot of typing, or emailed constantly I would definately go with the Treo.
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    Very tempting..

    Available now in USA for approx. $800
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