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    Picked up a Motorola MPx200 Smartphone to check it out. To my suprise, I'm actually impressed thus far. I loathe PPC's, but this may be different. Still may go with the T600 GSM version, hard to tell at this point. I realize that this is an MS smartphone device, not a treo and before 10 people respond with "MS is the devil" or "No keyboard=No Go", understand that I posted because some are interested in smartphones in general despite having chosen the treo.
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    hey at least it'll only set you bet less than $200, and it makes better toy than treo600. hah!

    here have some freebie

    This is the premiere Smartphone site (forum)
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    Originally posted by purpleX
    hey at least it'll only set you bet less than $200
    An unlocked MPx200 is $549.99 at
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    I wonder if mpx200 is upgradable to 2k3. 2k3 has push email. Plus the SPVE200 comes with 2k3. Always-Up-To-Date Email
    For users who synchronize with Exchange 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 can be configured to synchronize emails as they arrive on the server, keeping users up to date with their email. These settings can be configured either on the device or on the desktop. Suspend/Resume
    Windows Mobile 2003 builds on Smartphone 2002 by adding Suspend/Resume support for GSM based Smartphones and Dormant Mode support for CDMA based Smartphones, which maintains a data connection even when the user is on the phone, or the phone is off.

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