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    I use my 600 to read the mobile site of Treocentral forum. I don't know if the problems below are related to Blazer 3.0 or Treocentral's mobile site.

    1. Using the touch screen to click open a thread does not always work. Somtimes it just highlights the subject title, other times it opens the thread. If I touch it 3 times or more it always opens.

    2. Once a thread opens, the backspace key to go back to the previous page does not always work, it works sometimes. When the backspace key does not work, I have to use the Blazer screen's "back" icon.

    3. If there is no "back" icon on the page and I hit the backspace button, blazer goes into "redrawing" mode and shows a blank screen forever. I have to switch out to another app to exit blazer and open Blazer again.

    Anybody else experienced these problems or is there something wrong with my 600?
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    ba-da BUMP

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