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    I'm not sure why you're posting that in the Treo 600 forum, other than the fact it mentions the 600 keyboard in the review.

    I'm not sure why they did that. This device is not a phone, so it's not really a comparison to the 600. They should try removing the half an inch from the width and see how their keyboard spacing is.

    Not a flame or anything, seems like a cool piece of hardware for a straight PDA.

    Something like a Palm T|C would be a better comparison to this device, maybe?

    This does show the challenge that the 600 has with the public, though. Compared with a straight PDA, it will never fare as well. But it's not a straight PDA...
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    I'm very glad to see Treo's keyboard is becoming mainstream - down with stylus! If this iPaq still needs a stylus to operate, then it won't do sale better than Treo 90. To me, the keyboard is not just for text input, but mainly for stylus-free operation shown by Treo 600.
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    Originally posted by IanL
    I'm not sure why you're posting that in the Treo 600 forum,
    IanL, Just an FYI -- this posting also appears on not just on So there are folks reading this who are not Treo users and only use Visors and other non "cell" enabled palm compatible devices.. I'm one of them.. I use a Handspring Prism and a Palm Zire 71.. no Treo's in my future..

    Given what I said above, Treo600mad's posting in this particular sub forum is relevant..

    If you go to and check the discussion area you will see the two sites share a few of the discussion forums..

    Infact I am reading your posting and replying to it from not

    see here..
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