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    Smaller, more popular (suppsedly more than 1 million were sold in europe of it's predessor), and a better screen and camera.. Will the Sony Ericsson P900 beat the Treo 600? Actually I just wanted to link the review of it before I lost it.
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    Nice phone, but no Palm OS..
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    Originally posted by ToolkiT
    Nice phone, but no Palm OS..
    Is "no Palm OS" a good thing or a bad thing?
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    "No Palm OS"= no deal for me.
    At least it's Symbian, which is a good OS, but doesn't have the software base of Palm OS.
    I have a feeling my next phone (after the Treo that comes in the mail tomorrow) will be a Sony PalmOS smartphone (early 2005?). Just a hunch..
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    I have used both the p800 and the Treo 600. The p800 is a very nice device, and has solds bucket loads in Europe. However I think the Treo 600 is the easier to use device.

    The big thin in Europe now is why would anyone by a non Spartphone PDA when Smartphones are so much cheaper. A Treo 600 on contract costs about the same as a Zire 71.

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