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    I know that a few of the people on this board sacrificed the right farm animals to the correct dieties and got a Treo 600 before us. Just curious if any of them were the Sprint CMDA versions and if they were, did TREO300SMS work on their 600.

    I ask because as far as we know SMS still won't be working on the Sprint Version when its released and it will be interesting to know if it we still have an option that doesn't involve a webpage.

    By the way same question for Verichat.
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    Just got this from PDAApps support:

    A new version of VeriChat that supports the Treo600 natively is currently being fine tuned and will be available when the 600 becomes available.

    Sprint's native SMS support for the 600 is supposed to become available sometime in late Nov-early Dec. We are still debating whether or not to release Treo600SMS for the interim.

    PDAapps support
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    Thanks for the response. I guess i should consider the lifetime package now.

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