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    Whether or not these are a success who knows, but Palm has, in the last few months, shown an ability to hit a high development pace and turn out some quite appealing devices.
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    Has Palm given up on the KB? Or are the satisfied with the Treo and C as the only devices that carry it? I don't want to go back to Grafitti. :-(

    What does the rapid introduction of devices mean for the 600? Can we expect a new one (treo) in 6-8 months? We already know that it is on the drawing board. If it did come out in 6-8 montsh would ppl 600 users be pissed?

    I say bring on the 700 asap.

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    I wouldn't be surprised to see two Treo lines, a business and a consumer. A consumer will be more like the MS Smartphone. Basically a phone with a Zire 21 screen (with no grafitti area) thrown in (color, of course) and a numberpad. Perhaps they can rebrand it the Veld (which they trademarked w/o earmarking it for anything). The business one will be the Treo 600 with a keyboard.

    One thing to note, the Treo 600 is no longer the only standard-res OS5 device.

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