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    Just wanted to know if the zire is upgradable. Maybe this question has been answered already but I don't know. I want to be able to update the system software.
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    I want to say no.. sadly I own one (Zire 71) and I don't really know the answer.. But it never really was a concern when I owned a Prism so I am not all that worried about it.. Palm OS isn't like Windows where its critical you update frequently to patch all the bugs.. Based on my years of previous experience with Handspring products upgradablity wasn't very high on my "must have" list when I was looking to replace the Prism..
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    Which Zire? If you mean the original "zire", then the answer is no. In fact if you meant either Zire (Zire or Z71), the answer would still be no! Neither has FLASH which is OS upgradeable...
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