If you're thinking about installing PDAapps.com's i500SMS to send and receive SMS messages on your i500 phone, better wait a bit. I am a light SMS user and have had nothing but weird problems with this product. I am getting ready to go back to my office and RELOAD my i500 and applications from scratch.

According to a tier 2 Sprint tech, this is the *second* call about problems they've suspected are related to i500SMS, he's received this week.

The issue I'm experiencing is that when receiving an SMS message, i500sms launches Vision and apparently tries to connect to PDAapps proxy. Anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 hours later, the i500 will lock up with an error: normally "Fatal Exception" (seems to be the error I get when it happens sooner rather than later), and "Invalid Chunk Pointer" if it happens later.

But it ALWAYS happens after i500sms is activated and I never see any instability other than when i500sms has been used recently.

This morning, I went to clear out old SMS messages using the Delete All function. The handheld locked up with "MemoryMgr.c, Line 4365 NULL handle". This required a reset to get the handheld back alive. Interesting side note: I've heard similar complaints from developers using HanDbase. Would be interesting to know if the PDAapps people had HanDbase integrated.

Then I disabled, rebooted and uninstalled i500SMS. Now, the voicemail-waiting icon doesn't work, and there are two "Done" buttons at the bottom of the Voicemail category.


Thus, I'm headed back to my office to reload the i500 from scratch.

A note about support@pdaapps.com. They've been completely unresponsive to this point. After reporting bugs to them, they reply asking if the latest version of the product has been loaded, then they disappear.

I'll post back to the board if I hear from these guys, and they can find the cause of these problems. But:

1) weirdness and instability with a product combined with

2) poor technical support

equals "problems."

As I say, I'll report back if I hear from PDAapps. Otherwise, I'll consider it a $19.95 lesson learned from these guys!