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    Mmmm hmmm. I've been keeping an eye on this because, supposedly, they're offering the base model at $200 with these specs:

    * High-resolution 480 x 320 pixel screen, with portrait or landscape-mode display
    * It will be called the Zodiac, not the Helix
    * i.MX1™ Motorola® ARM9 Processor running at 200 mhz
    * Dual SD I/O slots
    * Analog controller, integrated triggers and a full complement of action buttons
    * Will use a virtual Graffiti area for input
    * Unique ergo-centric design, weighing less than 6 ounces
    * All-inclusive gaming environment with the Fathammer X-Forge™ 3D Game Engine
    * ATI® Imageon™ graphics accelerator
    * Yamaha audio component, stereo speakers and earbud-style headphones
    * Dual lithium batteries (1540mAh)
    * Rumble effects
    * Full-featured digital music player
    * Built-in Bluetooth™ networking for multiplayer wireless gaming and wireless network creation
    * High-score conduit for community competition
    * A metalic stylus held on the top by two clasps (a la Visor Edge)
    * About .6 inches thick

    Darn good for a $200 PalmOS device! Just hoping I can pass it as a PDA in school, or else I'm getting a Tungsten E.

    Tapwave info from
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    If I remember correctly, the base version (with 32 megs of ram) is $300.
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    oh? Whoops... I thought it was $200 - and was a little surprised that it was, for its full feature set.
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    The lower model was originally rumored to be $200, but that belief changed as more info came out in late August. It's a great gaming PDA running POS, but not the smallest PDA in the world.
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    Tapwave has no mac support. I'm not getting it without mac support.
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    If anyone wants to see a preview of what the next few months are going to be like for Zodiac buyers, take a look at the news and board archives here (VisorCentral) from the beginning. The similarities between the Tapwave launch and the original Visor launch are creeping me out.
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    I was just thinking the same thing -
    Handspring was formed by ex-Pilot founders, Tapwave was formed by ex-Palm execs
    Handspring was bringing to the market something unique - so is Tapwave
    Both products are/were initially only available through web purchase

    Let's hope that there are no hidden agendas in this one (*cough* cellphone pda and the heck with all that take me there *cough*)

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