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    Well, I recieved my TG-50 today. Mmm, mmm, I like this handheld. A bit heavy, but otherwise grand. Sounds good, save the occasional distortion when doing something heavy. You can hear the processor go, which isn't a good thing.

    Anyway, I have a question: I'm trying to organize the music I'm listening to (it's all in MP3 format until I find an OGG player that works on a Clie) and am trying to use 'Albums'. I've set the albums in the ID3 information properly, but alas, this isn't what the player is looking for. I've tried directories, but then it ignores all of the songs I have in there.

    Can anyone tell me either how to group my songs (I have a lot of 'em) or suggest a good player that can play OGG on a Clie? Thanks in advance!
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    You may want to try posting this question on ClieSource, you'll probably get more help over there.

    Happy listening!
    - CML
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    You can hear the processor go? What sound do those electrons passing through your chip make?;-)
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    A faint buzzing noise that gets louder during times of heavy usage. Stop looking at me like that. It gets worse when using the expantion card (i.e. when using MS Export/Import and copying files.) But, alas, your reply does not help me with my major problem. Next! (Ed: And then I notice the ClieSource link. Thanks!)

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