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    A while ago a lot of us bought a Diamond mako when they were being dumped on the market..

    I gave mine to my wife but last week it died... It simply refuses to turn on.. when I put it in the cradle is seems to charge only for a while which makes me think the battery is full..

    Does anybody know how to open the unit without wrecking it?
    I want to check the insides and see if I can fix it..

    The worst thing is that I finally convinced my wife that a PDA is usefull... now she is going back to pen and paper...
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    Sorry that I can't help, ToolKiT, but I'll answer your lead question: I have a Psion Revo that I still keep (Intelli)synced and use regularly for note-taking.

    Good luck with your Mako.

    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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