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    Originally posted by purpleX
    It adds customisation, and that apparently is desirable and it sells unit.
    I'm sure there is a market for them, same as the ringtone change ones.. I'm just not sure if that is the market HS is looking for..
    To me it is a fun but pointless, but there are people out there who are willing to pay for it..
    I'm merely saying it is not a make or break feature like you made it look it was...
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    well, it is one of the more talked about feature currently in smartphone forum, aside from general freebies apps.

    So either the British market is distinctly different, or Handpsring got it all wrong about what is frivolous but marketable and what they think is marketable but nobody wants it.
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    I know the Treo support third party software that can apply themes. It should not be an issue.

    I have tried the SPV running W2K2. It made me appreciate the Treo 270. It's a nice interface alright but some things that are so easy to do with the Treo requires multiple steps in the SPV.

    It is not as easy to look for Contacts in the Contacts list.

    It has the same problem of not able to send Contact info via SMS.

    I was able to test the 5-way navigation. It is a great help but pressing it heavier makes you miss the target and something else gets selected.

    The themes, color sharpness, and support for WAV tones makes it an enjoyable phone. It is my heartache with the T270.

    The integration with Outlook is straightforward but unlike the Treo Palm, it does not allow multiple targets to synch from for Emails. You have to remove one from another PC and keep the other.

    First impressions.
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    I found out that my Treo 270 Blazer can access Hotmail and Yahoo mails but my SPV Pocket IE can't. Strange.

    But it can do MSN Messenger well. I can do Yahoo! IM on my Treo.

    Theming is the same - wallpaper, colors, skins. Same capability.

    I can play James Bond theme for ringtone. Not on my Treo 270.
    I can play Close Encounters 5-tone as SMS. Not on my Treo 270.

    I like the SPV as my evening or week-end phone. But I will still go with my Treo 270 for my business-savvy phone.
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    I will not touch any "WinCE" device, as I stay away from the evil empire. Also, I find them unnecessarily complicated and unintuitive (it's like they try too hard to seem intuitive). They are also not as efficient, battery wise and memory wise, I believe.

    But, I had a Treo 180, after having a Visor, and, unless the new Treo's have been "perfected", I do not recommend you get one.

    The most common problem I had was people hearing an echo. This really annoyed many of my callers, especially my mom! I also had a problem with the treo crashing, though admittedly I had some custom software, but then what is a PDA for?

    And, as you mentioned, I had the problem of my information "vanishing" if the battery ran out, which did happen. Many times Wireless Mode would be off, and I'd have no idea till I bothered to open it up, because there is no clear indication of this otherwise. Same goes for messages.

    As time passed, I grew tired and unconformed with the form factor as well, unlike with my old Visor.

    Well, the Treo and I have parted, and I have traded it in for a Nokia 3390. Although the idea of a "smartphone" is still appealing to me, for now, I will keep my cell phone and PDA separate. For me, they have very different purposes, and I won't let one compromise the other.

    The Nokia hasn't crashed once and no one's complained about an echo so far.
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    It depends.

    In the old days (when I was a corporate guy) I used a Nokia cell phone, a Visor and a Blackberry. I never really understood why someone couldn't put all this on one device. IMHO, the BB was really no big deal to me ... if an email was that important (and it was to me, just to the other person) you could just call. This instant email thing via a BB is just a bunch of worthless drivel about a minor thing in the greater scheme of my business life.

    When the Treo came out, the idea of just one device really intrigued me. Cingular said no way, so I went to SPCS, got the Treo 300 and have not looked back. I haven't had service probs w/SPCS like some others, so I'm very happy. Now on to my 2 on which to get ...

    1. The Treo 300 is a breeze for me to use. IMHO, it is very intuitive. I can be talking to someone w/earbud or speaker & take notes or enter an appt at the same time. I can browse the web & get me email while I have a spare moment. Heck, w/QuickOffice I can edit my M$ docs. I have 3 email accts and this puppy can get all 3. Am I a power user? In my own mind, yea ... but using power effectively is the key.

    2. With recent issues @ RIM, my guess is the big corps will move to smartphone ... probably easier w/M$ Office, XP and server software. My guess is this is where the big money smartphones will go ... a replacement fot the RIM.

    3. The average consumer on the street (the Walmart guy mentioned above) doesn't and doesn't want everything that a truly converged device has to offer ... they are more interested in getting a phone for less than $25. And their needs will be adequately met by Nokia et al.

    All that being said (sorry for the long post) ... if you don't need or want the flexibility of a converged device -- go with Nokia, Moto or one of those guys.

    For brute power, think about the smartphone. I tried it and felt it wasn't as easy to use as the Treo.

    If you want speed, power and flexibility, go with Treo ... hold out for the 600 if you can. That's my plan, anyway.

    One more note ... purplex, if you flame me on this, its the Cone of Silence for you!

    Good luck in your search for digitally converged nirvana (its spelled T-R-E-O 6-0-0, BTW).
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