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    Here's some (tentative) specs:

    PalmOS 5.2
    Handheld Engine(TM) CXD2230GA (a graphics accelerator?)
    480x320 transflective display
    Landscape orientation
    Built-in 802.11b and Bluetooth
    Dimensions: 103 (L) 86.5 (W) 17.9mm (D)
    Weight: 175g
    Backlit keyboard
    Expansion Batteries
    MS, MSPro, MSDuo
    WiFi: 2.5hrs continuous with BackLight at Max
    4.5hrs continuous with BackLight at Min
    Music playback: 16hrs
    35hrs with expansion batteries

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    Also, check out the flash demo of the UX50 here.
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    My god... these guys are just on fire!

    This looks like the device held by the Sony executive that was shown on this board with the speculation that it's a phone.
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    I mean it obviously has internet access but no phone capabilities..?
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    Originally posted by Speedracer
    I mean it obviously has internet access but no phone capabilities..?
    Seems like it has blue tooth and WiFi. I guess you carry a BT phone and you're set when you're on the go. At work or at home, you could connect via WiFi.
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    I want it and and bluetooth Sprint phone. Now!

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    That thing is adorable!
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    Some more pics here.
  9. purpleX
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    ... and no video conferencing capability despite having dual wireless.

    Sony from all company should know all the gimmick and hype about taking picture and doing video conferencing. It's the hype of Japanese phone.

    It has Camera, It has wireless, It can record video, it has massive built in video accelerator........but... noooo.... video conferencing. Obviously it's not the hardware.

    (My theory about OS5.0 inability to do video conferencing without major hack still stands)
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    What is it? You saw the UX50 and couldn' believe your eyes so you had to find something...anything to slam about it huh? LOL...
  11. purpleX
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    come on that was an obviously relevant point to what just happened. You want to read rah rah cheerleading, then skip it. It's not for faint hearted fanboys.

    okay seriously now,
    my pro/con low down about UX50. (you know you'll love this)

    -dual wireless. (anything dual autumatically is cool this season)
    -form factor. This is good design, very novel. (I like the metal part in the keyboard.)
    -The bottom attachment system. (very nice solution)
    -included swivel camera.

    -Memory stick. ( a lot of people wont' buy anything MS as a principle)
    -no portrait/landscape? (this is not even possible through 3rd party apps. This mean if the PDA is in tablet mode, you have to hold it in very awkward position. Including the decuma input box)
    -included apps are very weak. (which btw, would be ok if there is better 3rd party alternative and the RAM space is big, but they are not. I am talking about full service office apps and networking tool)
    -lack of SD/CF slots (MS peripheral number is so few, it's not even funny. It's very expensive too)

    The OS is very weak. This is important, and you be your own judge.
    -consider how the OS doesn't have strong driver layer. (That is why it's pointless for any POS device to have CF slot for anything beside memory use. Handera tries but fails, no support)

    -The OS also cannot tied all the hardware functionalities to make them sing together. (Video conferencing being a tiny example. The OS has to tie graphic input, processing, and comm layer coherently. This is not easy. What POS has is a camera, wireless connection, and bunch of video aps, but it can't make them sing together. As more and more advance hardware is being added this weaknesses will get very pronounce. For eg, without multitasking, One won't be able to transmit presentation, while at the same time dabbling the presentation using other apps. Same with background downloading, or multi apps using net connections)

    All in all, UX50 is a very nifty tool for candy color hipster and MTV generation. It's a super duper disposable super walkman.

    but it won't fly with geek who want a total wireless hack and the usual computing flexibility. The OS can't use all the hardware potential, because fundamentally the OS is not design as general purpose computer, but a souped up organizer.

    Here is my question:
    It supposedly to be a gaming platform too. But where is the D-pad? I wonder if i will use the bottom attachment system . And how is the BT/WiFi going to come in as gamin feature....
  12. purpleX
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    Case and point,
    this is how you suppose to hold in tablet mode. It's hardly ergonomic.
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    Why can't they talk between them (The Cell Sony, and the PDA Sony) ???

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