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    Im interested what do you think? Im hoping to get answers from people who used both platforms...
    And please tell why?
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    This topic has been argued many a time. Look around. Look here and on other sites. No need to rehash all the old stuff.
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    well, I didnt see discussion here, so thats why I asked...
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    Originally posted by Cykke
    well, I didnt see discussion here, so thats why I asked...
    Yeah, but such "discussions" invariably digress into useless back-and-forths dominated by infantile slander and little substantive insight.
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    The answer to your question will boil down to what you want to use the device for.

    Do a search for pda/handheld buying guides and read a couple of them.

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    This is a simular discussion as:
    Windows vs Mac
    Windows vs Linux
    SUV vs peoplemovers
    pen vs pencil
    apple vs pear
    etc etc

    Both products have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the individuals needs to determine which suits them better...
    The differences Palm OS (5+) and PPC are getting smaller and smaller...
    So check out the software you need, size of the PDA, keyboard or not, phone or not, wireless data (wifi or BT) or not and go for a machine that fits your budget and needs...

    Most people here obviously prever palm OS, but for your need PPC may suit you best..
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    thx people

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