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    I recently was on a plane from England with an exec from Sony. If I understood him correctly they will introduce in Japan a new device called the Earper for Ear Personal, The Earper (he showed me a mockup) is a two piece phone based on blue tooth. The ear piece.microphone can be activated by a button or by an incoming call OR by the command Earper CALL. On that command, the phone connects to Sprint's voice command system!

    The other part of the phone is actually the buyers choice of modules. These can be a Sony Clio Palm device, a module that attaches to your car radio, or sleek little phone pad.

    The Earper also works with new sony PCs!

    The Earper/Clio seems like it has it all over the Treo 600. Better form factor, free worelss earphone (included) etc.

    The Earper comes in your choice of skin tones ... Deep African, Euro, Asian, Chocolate, and Redman.

    This is, unfortunately, a hoax.

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    Even if the form factor were real, I wouldn't see it as much of a replacement for a smart phone. Ug. To many pieces to worry about and heaven forbid someone else should have to use your phone and you have to describe how to use it!
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    You miss the point an must not have read the mesage throughly. This is a system, not just a phone. If you want something that just sicks in yur ear, but the FAUX-1001, This will be an Earper alone, utilizing Sprint Voice Command so no hands are required.

    On the other hand, if your thing is PDA, you add a Clio, FAUX-1002, to your system. OR, if you want to use the Earper with a notebook, but the Erper enabled Vaio ,,,FAUX-1003.

    I have even heard they may introduce a digital camera that Earper aware.

    The whole idea is to make computing itself Erper centric, replacing stuff you have to hold in your hand with a natural extention of your head.

    I understand Arnold Schwarznegger has been asked to be the Earper spokesperson. Apparently he uses sometin like this in his new movie.

    This is, unfortunately, a hoax.

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    Wow, uh, that was a waste of my time.

    This Unfortunately Is Dumb

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    I like that idea. Everything doesn't have to be in one unit. I think it is good if a headset part and a PDA part was physically separated.

    Like this unit, PDA part is the actual phone but it can stay in a bag or pocket when making just a phone call. The pen type headset is only needed for making/receiving phone calls. (connected by bluetooth)

    But when we want to check emails or web, we can use the PDA unit which has a large screen and keyboard.

    But I think Treo 600 looks much better than this
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    Originally posted by Stevesm
    This is, unfortunately, a hoax.
    Has anyone else noticed this?!?! Stop posting about this! It's not real!
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    I know this was just a joke, but the idea of separating the headset/handset from the PDA is a good one. There was a short-lived PDA a few years ago called the PC-EPhone, you can see it at:

    I think they're still making this for some Asian markets, but the newer versions don't have the Bluetooth handset.

    Kidding aside, I was wondering recently about some new PDAs which have phone capabilities but no built-in speaker (i.e. the Palm Tungsten W) but have expansion slots. Assuming Bluetooth cards become available, could a 3rd party accessory developer create a Bluetooth handset, with phone keys and perhaps a small screen to access datebook info, etc? This could be a serious Treo competitor. I don't want to carry two full size devices, but I'd think about a normal PDA and a really slim wireless handset.
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    Why is ahoax so bad to reply to? Some commercial products bortder on being hoaxes.
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    I'm holding out for the mind-controlled sub-cutaneous smartphone implant!
    Everyone will want one of those, right?

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