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    For what its worth, the Palm trade-in rebate thing works. About a month or so ago, I got my wife a Zire 71.

    The fine print, which I read but ignored, asked for the device that you were trading in to be in working order, with cradles, etc. Well, the Palm 3 I was trading hadn't worked in several years (after a drop, though it showed now external damage), and I had long given the cradle away to a friend of mine.

    I got the $50 check yesterday. Your experience may vary...
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    I just got a Zire 71 myself, If my Prism was like your Palm 3 I would probably do likewise but I am keeping my Prism since its in perfect working order and (to me anyway) worth more than $50. Call me weird but I would rather give it to a friend as a first time PDA owner or a family member then send it into some rebate center.. god only knows what they will do with them.. landfill perhaps.. Good to know the rebate is atleast legit (many are scams).. how long did you need to wait?
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    Palm's rebate serves a few purposes.
    First, as an incentive to buy a Palm device.
    Second, as a source for them of salvageable replacement parts.
    Third, to take Classic-Grafitti-using PDAs out of circulation, which probably helps vis-a-vis the Xerox lawsuit settlement.

    Incidentally, the Tungsten-W's price fell $130 in the last couple of days. Anyone want to guess how long it'll stay in production?
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    I only had to wait about 4 weeks for the check to arrive. I was surprised it came so quickly....I was wondering if it would come at all since the Palm I traded didn't work.

    In the past, I have donated nearly all my PDA hand-me-downs to friends or family. But since this one didn't work, it was worth the postage to send it in.

    Incidentally, when this Palm3 broke, it allowed me to get my Blue Deluxe, which is how I got here a long time ago.

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